changing corporations

  • Hi :)

    When you tap the corporation/association button, you will see a 'leave' button in the corporation screen.

    Then you can join the next corporation, by tapping corporation button again. Or you can also found a corporation yourself from there.

    Leaving and joining corps can have a few hour cool down, but the process is still pretty straightforward.

    I hope you are enjoying you time with the game!

  • It's not just a few hours cool down. If you use the "Leave" button, you will have to wait 24 hours to join a new corporation. The only way I have found to defeat this cool down is to ask your Chair to kick you out of the Corporation, then you can join another straight away. As for dissolving a corp, I havent done it in a very long time but if I remember correctly, you must remove all members first, then you are given the option but the easiest thing to do is remove all players except one who has stopped playing, make them the chair and leave.

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  • ^

    Just tested this and the 24 hour cooldown starts from the moment you join an association. It had no effect whether the player was kicked out from the association or left voluntarily, the cooldown was still calculated from the last time you joined an association. You are of course free to create and join your own association right away after leaving an association.