Doubled trainspotters

  • If I'm not wrong after update 4.8.0 there shoudln't be exactly two the same tarinspotters at the same time?


    • bug.png

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  • You are correct, there should be no twins in the game anymore.

    Was this the first time you saw a twinspotter? Or has this happened before?

    I will let the devs know. Thank you for the image and for bringing this up!

  • No, It's the first time I saw something like this.

    Right now, there are more than one copy (included previous two trainspotters)


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  • I believe this may be the reason why...

    If you don't fully collect the 10 when you have 10 - they can reappear in the next full 10, because they were part of the old 10 - Hope this helps. Best option is to make sure you always clear all 10 train spotters.


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