Career Passenger Engine

  • Hi Clyde and thanks for sharing the idea!

    From the 3 scenarios, 2 have passenger transports - so I think one career engine is enough. Though I can't help thinking of how the Career engine would work if you had the option to pick goods or passengers. First engine in RN to be able to pull that off.

    There are now 5 categories you can level up. If category 6 was added for passenger transports, how would it work together with tractive force, eras and game balance? Another way would be to add pax upgrades to existing categories, so the engine could never transport a game breaking amount of passengers.

    Interesting idea to play with :)

  • Career engine maximums:
    Tractive force - 20
    Speed - 250kmph
    Acceleration 20/20
    Servicing 100%

    So a maxed our career engine is comparable realistically to trains found in Era 6. So my suggestion would be that somehow it is scaled as a Pax Engine to be comparable to a Mirneva.

    So all that would need scaling is the tractive force/passengers per load

    So I would say 20 Passengers per tractive force unlocked, giving a total of 400 passengers when fully unlocked.

    It would be unfair to add another upgrade for PAX - as that means people who play on the non PAX servers, have an advantage with career points, as they will never need to unlock it.

    So my suggestion would just be that it is switched and can just haul both - you can choose :)

    This is obviously just a suggestion, just trying to rack my brain on how to balance it. :)


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  • Actually, I like that idea Samisu. A Carreer engine that you can choose PAX or Cargo with based on its current upgrades. That should be totally doable but what rules would need to be in place (programming wise) In other words. Would we be able to switch at will or would you have to choose at the beginning of each Era or round or even a one time choice per server? Some tough questions. Of course, as an avid player, my vote would be to just have a very versatile Career Engine that we can allow to haul whatever we want, whenever we want, Level dependent of course. Anyway, thats my two cents. It would also have to be a brand new train model, something super amazing

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  • I love Emziie's take on this, and was thinking something very similar. X number of passengers per tractive force upgrade ( i mainly play US so i assume her idea of 20 per is fair). the only addition i have is make hauling PAX with it a lofty goal. Only for the truly dedicated. Like adding the PAX unlock after Era 6 goods.

    If this seems too expensive in career points, The only other fair option i see would be as roadkill911 suggested, you choose PAX or Cargo on Day 1 of an Era and are stuck with your choice for the whole Era. If you miss logging in on day 1, when day 2 hits it defaults to your choice from last era

  • This was one of our community features, but it didn't win.

    Nevertheless we are thinking about it.

    My first idea was a new upgrade for 3,000 career points for passenger transport (available after era 6 goods) and factor 10 for tractive force.

  • The idea of it having to cost points to me, seems a little unfair, as goods are automatically unlocked without points, it is just that you have to unlock the eras. Maybe the amount of passengers could somehow be unlocked to Era 1, Era 2 etc, so that there is not points to unlock the Passenger slot.

    As people that only haul pax, should not need to research all eras to be able to use their career engine for Pax is my thought.

    Just an idea.

    Best wishes,

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