FaceBook Favoritism

  • So I have played over a dozen rounds at this point and one thing i have noticed that really Grinds my Gears ... Gold for logging in with Facebook. 100 gold to any new or existing play that starts a new round through a Facebook link. I don't have Facebook, never have, never will. So how about at the very least making this available to ALL players, not just those that subscribe to the breakdown of human society? I log in with my Google account.... how about an in game code sent to that gmail address (good for that server only) every time i start a new round from a link in particular forum post, similar to the Facebook anouncement?

  • The Facebook page of Rail Nation is found here, no need to sign in or create a Facebook account to see the content:RailNationINT

    Looks like 20 hours ago a new bonus link news was published, and I will copy the text here. You can use the link ( ► http://fb.rail-nation.com/) even without Facebook account ^^

    Listen up railway fans!
    Start a new round in Rail Nation by Saturday (August 25th) and get your hands on 5 free tickets!
    Just use the following link, sign up and play a new round.
    This offer is valid for all players starting a new round.
    Existing players can also redeem this bonus, for example when starting a new round (after finishing the tutorial).
    The bonus can be redeemed once per account this week.
    Later on, you can log into the game as normal using your preferred login method.

  • Just an idea:

    You cannot blame RN for using facebook. It's something that marketing people really love, every like spreads the word, each friend publishes RN infos. They can reach thousands (maybe even millions/billios) of people there. FB has become a mighty tool for spreading information (and ads) all over the internet. I do not like their attitude on private data, I don't like that they are collectors of our data ... but you cannot live without FB, if you want to sell a game.

    On the other hand: FB users get a big daily bunch of ads, I doubt that they notice them at all. FB attracts thousands (millions) of people, but they do not stay. The forum attracts 100, maybe 1000 people. No match to FB.

    However, forum users are those, who STAY, forum users love the game and are there to help, to give information, to fight for a better game, for better quality, for good bug fixing, for better ideas .... forum users deserve much more to get extra 100 gold or 5 lottery tickets each week, than FB users do.

    There are great giveaways in the forum too, especially the fun games Samisu offers on almost weekly basis. But they have 3 winners, maybe 10 ... on facebook EV1 gets the gold, the tickets, the starter set. But they don't know what do do with them, while forum users know very well.

    So ... why not publish the weekly (Sunday) link to extra gold, tickets, starter sets etc. in the forum ... just to show forum users some appreciation (for keeping frustrations internal for example, and not spread them on FB).
    A Sunday link to the weekly giveaway should be as easy as it is on FB .... but it would reach those customers, who really care.

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