Recalc time for industries

  • It would be a big advantage if the recalc time for waittime at industries was on "whole" hours. It would make it much easier to get players to switch to other industries, specially during end game. <X

  • Recalc time is desynchronised during maintenances (wich is quite paradoxical), as they I think do it as fast as possible to bring back online servers.
    I think alike, but how to do it without being annoying to players who whant play asap?

    Bad Wolf - s201 - Tour Eiffel

  • I personally like the recalc being non-synchronized. If every server did recalc at the same time, not only would it make it harder for people who play multiple worlds, to change all their schedules on time, but it would also undoubtedly cause increased overhead on the server infrastructure. I would put money on these system running under containerization or some form of hyper-vised environment, meaning all the servers and databases are going to be sharing CPU and RAM cycles. It is also probably all on a SAN array, and not direct attached storage. So if everything ran recalcs at one, the spike of CPU time, RAM utilization, and Fiber Channel bandwidth usage to the array would mean either RN buying more infrastructure to support this making the game less profitable OR the user base would take a hit on performance and likely see lag spikes at peak usage times, which woudl likely be re-calc if all servers did it on the hour together... and thetwo would probably coincide compounding the issue.