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  • I just noticed that I am designated the "Newbie" in my corporation. I must admit, I am slightly offended by this designation. Although I am one of the newer members of the corporation, I am not the newest. And although I am only a Level 3, there are other members who are also level 3 and who have far less prestige points than I. In fact, I have more prestige and a higher prestige ranking than other members who are at a higher level than I. Am I completely off base in being offended? Is there something I'm missing? :evil:

  • It's more like an honor, although being called a newbie can sound a bit weird if you've advanced in the game already.

    'Newbie slot' is a new game feature just added to the game: Massive Update 4.8.0 is ready to launch (you can read more from that link)

    Newbie slot gives association a way to recruit a new player to play with them and not against them, and giving this +1 extra slot to a player just means they don't have room for regular members, but they do want to give a good hauling chance to someone. I would take it as an invite to be part of something more permanent ;-) Newbie status is not forever.

  • It's difficult to get to know new players well enough to get them into an established association before they go over career level one which is the cut-off for the invite for the "newbie" slot.

    Any chance you'd consider upping the threshold to career level 2, which would be in line with the mentoring programme? Given that most of my contact with new players is via the mentoring programme, this makes sense to me.

  • I'm presently second in the server I'm playing, a week in, I don't think it will last long but you would agree it is not a bad feat, and I still call myself a newbie, for how much I have learned there is still so much I don't know.

    It's not a shameful term, just means you're a beginner.

    The newbie slot allows new player to fit in an already filled up association, doesn't mean you're worse than them, means you're newer.

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  • I'd have to agree with the idea of upping the Newbie slot eligibility to Career Level 2. My reasoning is that a new player comes in and likely finds out pretty quickly that they'll have to reach Career 2 before they can use their Career Engine -- and Toots is correct, a new player will usually do that without too much delay. Raising the threshold would definitely give more time to find these newer players and help them along a bit, without them having to be left at a disadvantage (no Career engine) long enough to get in with a good team.