First time EG

  • Hello,

    It's my first time that I play rail nation and I have a few questions.
    What is the smartest thing to do during EG? Some say you should all focus on one product but a disadvantage is that it creates huge waiting time.
    On the other hand, the city consumes goods so it's not smart to all do something else. Does somebody have some tips? And what the 'best' way is to win EG?

    An other question is what happens when a new round starts? Do you start all over again? Or do you continue with your station you developed during the game?

    Thanks for respons

  • EG you have to haul a set amount of ALL goods to the city. Follow what the person designated as the "caller" tells you to haul and put ALL trains on that until the next good is called. DO NOT haul anything but the called good as it will raise the wait times for those goods when they are finally called.

  • So :

    when the round restarts, everybody start all over again. The only three things you keep are : your gold, your plus account and your carrier engine.

    EG, probably the most difficult part of the game. If you want to win, you need a lot of things :
    - many people that actively want to win. Why many ? because the quantities needed are enormous, way too much for 4-5 people to carry by themselves. Why actively ? because every hour, you have a recalc, that changes wait times. So if you are not there to change your trains, chances are the wait times will skyrocket to a few minutes (up to 15 sometimes !) rendering all your efforts totally useless.

    Usually, cities have a designated "caller". That guy, having played a few EG already, knows what to do and gives orders to the group. The single most important thing, if you want to win, is to always follow his orders. Even if they are bad. As long as everybody does the same thing, the city can win. Once everybody does his own thing, all wait times go up and all hopes are lost.

    Most callers decide on two things : having one or two offline goods. (the goods that people can carry, when they go offline for a while). And having one good that is focused every hour. When you regroup all of the trains on that single focused good, it can go up quite quickly (some goods can even be finished in less than one hour !), and once the good is fully delivered once, then you don't have to worry about it anymore. And if you cannot finish the good in under one hour, then the caller will decide between 2 options : finish the good straight away, despite the high wait times (maybe another industry is in the neighborhood), or do another good and come back later to finish the first one.

    To be a great caller, but also to understand why the caller makes some calls, you have to understand exactly how the wait times are calculated. But basically, remember that the wait time is based only on the activity in the industry for the past hour. That's why it is very important to follow the orders. If the caller tells you to not use one industry, it is likely that he wants to use it the next hour.

    EDIT : to learn about EG, I'd advise you to watch how the top teams handle it. Some of the best callers are playing on the international server. You can learn A LOT from them.

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    If an active team wants to try new strategies on an E v W scenario (winning EvW agressively), I might be down for it > pm me :)

  • Everything Sacroima said is accurate. IF you want a much more in depth look at the reasoning and strategy behind what the caller is doing, i suggest you read this post.

    Advanced Endgame Case Study

    But for many they would rather just listen to the calls and go with the flow ... whatever you do, the #1 rule of endgame is follow the calls and be on time for recalc!

    Being on time is most peoples downfall, including mine, if you can try to tell your trains to park in the last minute or so and wait patiently for the next call.