Express Classic games. Do they exist?

  • After playing this game for about a month now, I have taking a liking to express games. I'm going to start fresh in the new Europe express that starts in a few days.
    However, I can't for the life of me find Classic games that are express also. Do they not exist or am I missing something?

  • Interesting point there @Cats/N/Dogs

    What would be the perfect ratio of express vs regular servers?

    I've played on both and they both have their sides, normal servers are more forgiving if you have hurry-worries in real life while express may need you to play on the go with mobile phone, tablet or laptop in your arm.

    We just added new Express servers for you to pick from. Now there's one for each scenario on COM, and then US got their own Express as well - so 4 Express servers in total for English speaking domain. If those servers get filled up, I'd expect there to be more Express servers if players clearly need those. Though, that's not my decision to make :D

  • I would also say both. I only play the classic games and I enjoy having the mix of a fast game and the slower ones. They play out differently and have to be approached slightly differently.