Regional bonus

  • Hi :)

    Regional Bonus is a group effort - players working together to make their region grow, upgrading cities and landmarks.

    To get a larger bonus - listen if president or mayors need help and join the work party. Same goes of course for East vs West battles in USA scenario, keeping the cities under your colour and leveling up cities. There's little you can do alone to raise this prestige :)

  • As you can see from attachment, the Regional Bonus is the largest sub-component of the Miscellaneous component of my prestige. My question is: what is the regional bonus, how is it calculated, and how can I get a larger regional bonus?

    Regional bonus is given at the end of the game, once you complete a Europe scenario you earn a bonus based on the position reached by your region.

    Position of your region can be seen across the game in various places, you have a man with a moustache on your map screen on your right hand side that tells you in real time how your region fares, if you click on him it will give you all the rankings, based on those ranking you get. Within the interface you find the prestige bonus that each player earns as the game ends.

    Rank 1 is 100,000 and decrements by 10,000 for each position until you reach 0 for 10th.

    Regional score is calculated on several items:
    City level: 500 points per level per town
    Landmark: 2000 points per level per LM, LM are a huge part of the score, it's one of the reasons why you level LM with cities 1to1 up to a certain point
    Players: someone explained me this but I can't remember, I think it's like 1% of the total prestige of the top 100 players of the region, or something like that, I'm sure someone will know better

    Anyway, explore the UI, it's mostly all there somewhere.

    The above is why is don't work on your own but you work as a team, if your region wins you get huge bonuses, in my last match I had a position just over the 100th, I think like 105 or something just before end game, thanks to the endgame bonus I finished the game 16th. Help your team and your team will help you. Check the forums, listen to instructions, don't be greedy, greedy doesn't help you, hurts everyone.

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    M1.201 Scandinavia

  • Hi, could someone please explain how the prestige regional bonus is calculated/gained on the USA scenario?

    I read in the in game description that players get 10% bonus for delivering to a city, that is under player´s faction control and that players get 100% bonus if a city is captured.

    So to give an example - I´m playing for the east, hauling for Columbus. I get 464 prestige for deliveries for Columbus and 346 prestige for deliveries to other cities (all in the east). That is 810 total.

    My faction captured a city, so therefore i would get 810 * (1 + 0,1 + 1) = 1701 regional bonus?

    So in other words - the more prestige I get for deliveries to my faction´s cities, the more prestige I get as a bonus? With the possibility to get 100 % for capturing a city.

    If a faction captures two cities, players get 200 % bonus?

    Is there some reward for being part of a city capture (for deliveries to a city, that is consequently captured)?

  • Hi. Yes you understood correctly

    1) If within a day your faction captured city you receive 100% bonus of prestige you earned within this day for deliveries into cities (in any blue & red). So if captured 3 cities bonus is 300%, 4 - 400% and so further.
    This bonus may use most effectively in case you are member of any top "border" corporation, you just know plans :)

    2) If you are a part of people who captured city, you may receive additional bonus in case captured city was also leveled in moment your faction has more delivered cargo % , 51% against 49% as example ( same 100% bonus for deliveries made exactly on this city for commodity that came out after leveling).
    So many border corps always tray to capture low level city and level it several times in same day.

    hope this helps

  • I just tested that theory about leveling up one red city but having more than 50% of blue deliveries (69%) but the red team get those points, that city will be captured at daily recalc.

    Does blue team will get any benefit of leveling that city (in this case twice) being a red city but with more blue deliveries?