4.8.2 Performance Update

  • Update v4.8.2.0

    This update contains performance improvements only. COM, US, M1 and TR servers will get the update on 10th - 11th of September. Performance update in detail:

    Internal error:

    • The main problem with the error message is that each time the message appears, the users has to log in again. We added an additional button to that message, so the users can decide if they want to log out or if they want to stay in the game to try and send the failed call again.

    Train update chat:

    • The „Train update chat“ is a performance improvement: The train calls are handled via the chat server now. Should the chat not be available for a moment, the train calls are handled as usual via RTS (fallback).

    Request performance:

    • The „Request performance“ is a performance improvement: Most of the calls that affect the trains will be improved, for example boost trains, service trains, etc.

    Inactivity mode:

    • The new client now has an inactivity mode, like we had in our old client. In contrast to the past, you‘ll get a short notice if you’re inactive for four minutes, and only need to move the mouse to become active again. This will help to further reduce performance issues, as the server receives fewer unnecessary requests.

    Schedule: Monday 10.09.2018 between 8:45-10:15 UTC (Europe and USA scenarios)

    • s201.rail-nation.com
    • s202.rail-nation.com
    • s203.rail-nation.com
    • s101.rail-nation.com
    • m1101.rail-nation.com
    • s101.railnation.us
    • s102.railnation.us

    Schedule: Tuesday 11.09.2018 between 8:45-10:15 UTC (Classic scenarios)

    • s1.rail-nation.com
    • s2.rail-nation.com
    • s5.rail-nation.com
    • m1.rail-nation.com
    • s1.railnation.com.tr
    • s1.railnation.us