need to download Adobe Flash

  • I can not log into the US202 Loch Ness server. I login using Facebook. It says I need to download adobe flash. I already have the latest version and have updated chrome. I can not put in a support ticket as it requires the game world I am in but the drop down list does not include the Loch Ness world and can not add it. Anyone got any ideas besides using a different browser?

  • I am guessing you have the 69 version of Chrome installed. It was rolled out recently and now requires to allow Flash with every login.
    You don't actually have to download flash. You should just click on the webpage somewhere (or the button if that suits you better), then a browser popup should come and there you can accept the use of flash.
    Alternatively, you should have a little lock symbol in front of your URL, you can click on that and can there confirm the use of flash there.

  • All browsers seem to be moving to make it more difficult to run Flash content. From what I read, all major browsers intend to remove support for Flash by 2020. What are your plans and schedule to replace flash or what are you plans to support alternative graphics in the major browsers?

  • Hello @Professor Plum and thanks for these great questions! I'm sure we have lots of players asking the same questions and an announcement is being prepared to address this.

    Rail Nation will continue regardless of Flash. The announcement will give you more details on the schedule and how we are planning to convert the game.

    If your chosen browser has issues with Flash, like for example it asks to accept Flash before each session, please try another browser as they aren't all being updated at the same time.