Gold from ending the game

  • Hello!

    I finished a game recently, and a message said I had 160 something gold to be transferred to a new game world.

    Is there any restriction to where I can bring that gold? Must it be a restart of the same game world, or can I join any?

    Also is this gold cumulative if you finish multiple game worlds?

    thanks for answer


  • Hi,

    when you click 'options' button in the game, you will be given either the option to 'Transfer Gold' or 'Collect Gold'.

    Click 'Transfer Gold' and you will get a clear description of how to transfer gold. Then when the gold can be transferred, you can use the other link 'Collect Gold' in another gameworld. This also comes with clear description if you click on the link.

    If you wait until a world has restarted, the gold will be waiting for you there and you can then transfer the gold or use it.

    Purchased gold is collected from all gameworlds, so none of it will ever be lost. You just need to use the 'Transfer Gold' to gather all the leftover gold together :) . Otherwise the gold will be waiting for you at the round start.

    If you are referring to the the endgame over screen that tells you how much gold you earned through prestige, that gold can't be transferred to other gameworlds. Only purchased gold can be transferred.

  • it will be there when the game world restarts.

    purchased gold can be transferred to other game worlds on the same domain. (last part of the url)
    so you can transfer it between all .com worlds. or when you are on German domain between all .de worlds.
    but not across domains.

    In the attachment you can see a screenshot of the full text for the ingame transfer gold feature.

  • <p>It was not purchased gold but aquited gold. Would not be dissapointed if it was lost, just curious if its there when I restart the same gameworld.</p><p><br></p><p>Its not important to me, as I read about transfering gold only accounts to gold purchased. Just the end screen for a customer point of view, could repeat this terms as I am sure more players than me would ask about this</p>

  • Gold and Plus left over when endgame finishes will "roll forward" and be available the next time you create a new avatar on that same server, whether your remaining Gold was purchased or won (that eligibility only applies when you're trying to transfer Gold).

  • I originally played the game over a year ago, and when I left, I had some gold remaining, but I never did transfer it. When I restarted on COM 1, I purchased new gold. Does this mean there is a server somewhere, where I still have gold I can collect?