Starting over with friends

  • Hi @Cinder Tom and nice to have you join the world of Rail Nation!

    There are two ways to join your friends.

    1. Start building tracks towards the city where your friends are and after reaching it, make it your home city. Or you could of course meet each other in another city.

    2. Remove your avatar from that gameworld by going to 'options' -> 'transfer gold'. Please note that it takes three days to delete your avatar, and only after that you can create a new avatar for that gameworld. This lets you pick the a new starting city where your friends are, but it takes 3 days before joining them.

    I hope these help :)

    And then there's also the option that you start in another gameworld with all of your friends.

  • May I add:

    Samisu is totally right. Those two options are best.

    However, personally I prefer option 1. First, because you have to wait 3 days for the new avatar on option 2, plus, you will not get your achievements (gold and plus) transferred if you have not bough gold and additionally change won gold to plus.

    To build tracks towards your friends is the better way for me. You can always talk to them by chat or the message system, If they ARE friends, they will wait for you and have a big party, when you arrive.
    You might be frightened about the time (and money) it will need. But one of my secret goals in each round is to lay tracks across the map ... from left to right, or from north to south, completely. It is possible, not in era 1, but long before era 6 starts. It's also fun, cause you get a lot of interesting towns connected and can listen to their chats to learn more.

    The only disadvantage is, that in US and SoE you cannot change your fraction/region. But you can change your home city and support your friend ... with PP already on your way to them, and with active delivery of goods as soon as you are there.

    Some of my friends like to do that, start in a city away from our start, and build tracks to us ... some might just enjoy the way they are welcomed, when they finally did it.

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  • Since we are talking about options - you can always contact the support and ask them nicely for help. If we delete the avatar via the tool, there is no 3-day waiting period.

    Ok, I did ask support via email, and they just told me about the two options as described in post 2. They did not offer to use their tool. Could you please use your tool, so I don't have to wait 3 days? Please let me know. Thanks! :)
    PS, I have already deleted my avatar.

  • Hey,

    would you contact support again and attach a link to this thread. Normally, the quick deletion of an avatar is saved only for very rare situations (bad bugs, rule breakers or bots for example). In your case support will make the final decision by checking your avatar info, so they can see everything is OK (purchases for example) before removing an avatar.

    Always best to use the 2 options given above and save the quick delete for more urgent situations ;-)

  • OK, they reset my game. :):) I joined the server my friends are on, but I don't see anything about friend requests or how to try to join a corporation. Any assistance appreciated.

    I also noted that although I changed servers, the only choice I see is resume recent game? If I'm reset I wonder why it says resume?


  • There's an 'Association' button found at the bottom menu that you can use to look for associations / corporations. (3 people standing in the icon)

    When you tap the icon for 'News' - you will find different in-game forums, friend requests / contacts, unread messages etc.

    About the 'continue recent game' - that option is available when you have created an avatar and join back in on the same server. You can have as many servers open as you want. Your avatar may have been removed from one server, but that doesn't mean it's been removed from any other server you have started.

    I'm sorry if I misunderstood your comment @Cinder Tom but this was all I could think of :). You can also use the in-game chat and forums to ask help from other players while playing - they are a helpful bunch!