Changelog 4.9.0

  • Changelog 4.9.0

    New features:

    A new newspaper function has been added to the game to present players an overview of the latest content update.

    The research tree has been completely reworked and new passenger engines have been added for SoE and Classic scenario. (new rounds only)

    Completely reworked the values of current trains and upgrades

    The left-aligned / portrait mode messenger has been reworked, so that it offers the same functionality now as the one in centred screen


    We have implemented a number of performance enhancements both on the client- and the server-side.

    • When the new idle screen is active, the FPS will be limited.
    • Number of server calls has been reduced to speed up various functions
    • Setting a schedule will be faster than before



    • RN2018-4273Scrollbar now correctly displayed and usable when owning three workers
    • RN2018-4369Fixed several text display problems that occurred when entering the Japanese server with a set language other than Japanese
    • RN2018-4370, RN2018-4371Fixed several text display problems that occurred, when switching the language from Japanese to English or vice versa
    • RN2018-4428Android: Bonus codes can be redeemed via the gold shop page again
    • RN2018-4430Plus account can again be purchased from the “more info” page
    • RN2018-4506Adjusted behaviour when opening another screen while the train buy screen is open. so that the train buy screen doesn’t crash anymore
    • RN2018-4524Servers you never played on will no longer be displayed in your active server list
    • RN2018-4616Language selection screen will show up correctly again on all devices
    • RN2018-4625Removed the full screen mode button from the app
    • RN2018-4627You can no longer get stuck in the options menu when opening it while the tech tree is open
    • RN2018-4702Fixed an issue that could crash the app after logging into the game


    • RN2018-4478The East-West battle status is displayed again in the server score for USA Express servers
  • General:

    • RN2018-2074Trains now always take the shortest route possible
    • RN2018-2409Short notification about incoming message now always shows correct sender
    • RN2018-3087Cities don’t display dark shadows anymore after level ups (looked like an oil spill)
    • RN2018-3109Number of connected players now correctly determines city ranking when level up happens at the same time
    • RN2018-3221Tooltips for trains in the train list will now be displayed beside the list
    • RN2018-3238Added several missing sound files
    • RN2018-3351Fixed the position of smoke for the Giraffe production series “Schienenzeppelin”
    • RN2018-3385Added smoke to the career engine for all upgrade levels
    • RN2018-3444Worker event tile now correctly vanishes when worker expires
    • RN2018-3524Competition progress text correctly displays on the progress bar again
    • RN2018-3527Added a new train container format for screens which are displayed after upgrading single or multiple trains so that the new schedule is displayed correctly.
    • RN2018-3564Improved usability when building tracks with zoomed out map
    • RN2018-3614Train list in the schedule assistant now only displays trains that can haul at least one of the filtered goods
    • RN2018-3637Passenger transport tooltip in cities will now longer be displayed outside the top screen border
    • RN2018-3800Setting a manual schedule for a good that is not yet accepted by a connected city will now work correctly, if it can be delivered to an industry, warehouse or harbour
    • RN2018-3861The avatar will no longer clip over the list view when graphic train station is deactivated
    • RN2018-3886Train details will show the correct picture of train and arrow buttons are blocked while the train image is still loading
    • RN2018-3986Updated some facts in the Game Tour
    • RN2018-4051Adjusted order of layers to ensure that storm animation doesn't cover competition info anymore
    • RN2018-4052Your own trainspotter are no longer visible when watching other players
    • RN2018-4138Train upgrade price is correctly shown in all menus again when a corresponding worker is active
    • RN2018-4171Worker screen and the “no free slots” hint are now properly updated after a worker is dismissed
    • RN2018-4226SOE: a server downtime no longer deletes the regional progression charts
    • RN2018-4235Corrected the warehouse header information when opening the warehouse while the refresh button is not ready
    • RN2018-4263USA: Fixed some overlapping buttons on the East-West screen
    • RN2018-4264Active city competition bonus is now correctly displayed in all city tabs
    • RN2018-4266Added highlighting of rows for switch control options
    • RN2018-4267Warehouse filter for goods visually unified for all warehouse sections
    • RN2018-4269Text no longer overlaps when sending a chat report
    • RN2018-4284Trains no longer disappear when watching other players
    • RN2018-4311Widget: Adjusted code to ensure that the city progress bar colour is changed to blue if the city has reached the max level.
    • RN2018-4321Association applications can be withdrawn now during the endgame
    • RN2018-4322Buying trains into the museum will no longer decrease the displayed amount of free usable train slots
    • RN2018-4326After era change, the era preview will now show the correct trains
    • RN2018-4374Instant dispatch charges are correctly shown in warehouses and harbours
    • RN2018-4426No longer possible to accidentally bid twice for a licence by double-clicking the bid button
    • RN2018-4440The duration of an active chatban will be displayed in the chat
    • RN2018-4447Watching other players’ trains will no longer show missing upgrade indicators based on your own research progress
    • RN2018-4450Last opened chat tab is now saved in user's option data
    • RN2018-4451Chrome: activating the game’s full screen while the browser’s full screen is already active will no longer crash the client
    • RN2018-4457Final purchase price when buying multiple trains and upgrades simultaneously is calculated correctly again, when parts of the purchase is done using vouchers
    • RN2018-4468, RN2018-4747Adjusted minimap filter to ensure that the preselection is reset, if the filter option is set to a scenario specific setting that doesn’t exist in the current scenario (prevented opening of minimap)
    • RN2018-4477Client no longer freezes when the chat connection is lost while the messenger window is open
    • RN2018-4484USA: The medal series “Through the ages” and “Wardrobe” have been removed
    • RN2018-4486SOE: The quest “Connect to landmark” now also triggers when you already had a landmark connected
    • RN2018-4487Editing a schedule with a newly installed tractive force upgrade will now correctly consider the already used wagons from that train
    • RN2018-4488Change in lottery level will now be immediately recognized by the client without needing a browser refresh
    • RN2018-4493While writing a message there are now a maximum of 5 lines of your prepared text visible
    • RN2018-4501Player with chatban cannot write in the combi chat anymore
    • RN2018-4504Post-endgame ranking will be displayed correctly again
    • RN2018-4510Upgrades in the train buy screen are now sorted by their tech id in ascending order to ensure that they match the order in the tech tree
    • RN2018-4511The basic price in the train buy screen will not change anymore when upgrades are selected
    • RN2018-4512Removed mentioning of sitter options from the welcome screen once the endgame started
    • RN2018-4518Waggons can be purchased again when no industry but only a warehouse or harbour is connected
    • RN2018-4534Track cost displayed correctly now in tooltip, if a worker with price with track price reduction is active
    • RN2018-4542Purchasing an era package will now display a warning message, if you still have research points to spend
    • RN2018-4548The daily prestige message will now correctly display the gained prestige amount instead of “NaN”
    • RN2018-4552Added functionality to the messenger to report players from a private conversation
    • RN2018-4570Worker auction timer will now correctly count down and not skip back and forth anymore
    • RN2018-4571No longer possible to accidentally bid twice for a worker by double-clicking the bid button
    • RN2018-4573The new standard production series for USA servers are now fully integrated into the game. Affects: Donkey PRR D14, Mole USRA 0-6-0, Dionysos EMD GP7 and Herakles ALCO RS-3
    • RN2018-4574Sound no longer gets unmuted when changing notification settings
    • RN2018-4578The Quest “production series” will now automatically trigger if you already own all production series
    • RN2018-4584Removed the ignore and watch profile options from messages by William
    • RN2018-4588Industry event tiles will be displayed correctly again in both the left-aligned and the centred screens
    • RN2018-4600Players banned from the message system will now again have access to their system messages
    • RN2018-4603Fixed an issue, that only allowed you to invest 10.000$ in some situations
    • RN2018-4613City forums are now sorted. Your home town is on top, the rest is sorted alphabetically
    • RN2018-4629You cannot add the same player as sitter twice anymore
    • RN2018-4720Removed all options to open messages while in sitter mode
    • RN2018-4723Industry events are now displayed in the industry’s header
    • RN2018-4809It’s not possible anymore to add more trains to the purchase list than you have slots available
    • RN2018-4815When searching for new association members, the profile screen is now opened correctly in the front
    • RN2018-4869Lucy will no longer pop up during the loading screen game tour
    • RN2018-4887Fixed a bug that could allow the sitter to change the sitting permissions
    • RN2018-4890SOE: It’s no longer possible to invest into landmarks that are not connected
    • RN2018-4982The idle screen will now only trigger, if nothing is done in the game (just moving the mouse is not enough) and it will no longer close all open windows

    We also fixed several issues of overlapping texts and graphics, general clipping errors and various script and type errors. Also changed some translations, so that they fit better on buttons or in text fields.