Lag since the latest update

  • Is it just me or is the lag worse than ever since the latest "performance update"? :/:S?(:thumbdown:

    I'm now having to refresh/clear browser cache every time or every 2nd time I want to move my trains, which is much worse than before (which wasn't good either).

    Am seeing this on more than one server and both EU and US versions (, and

  • I've given the latest patch a couple of days to settle down, performance is still poor.

    I'm finding that I need to refresh at least once an hour, basically after setting up a couple of routes and copying to other trains, it all grinds to a halt and i need to refresh to get going again. Very frustrating, please can you look into what's a real struggle to play with lately. New features are nice, but not if it means the game gets so laggy that it becomes unusable.

  • I'm sorry to hear you need to refresh so often, that's really not how the update should affect the gameplay.

    Have you contacted game support yet or told them which browser you are using or device? The more data support gets from different players, the easier it is to find the real cause for each bug or issue.

    I hope the reason behind these lags you experience are found soon!

  • You may have to clear you cache files and other junk installed without your consent, I do not mean to spam but their is a site called that you may have to google it. I use bleachbit and red button to clear my cache files and you may have to also clear your pagefile,sys when that is only used to track and monitor your system for profit.

  • you may have to also clear your pagefile,sys when that is only used to track and monitor your system for profit.

    You should not give out technical advice if you do not know what you are talking about, and clearly you do not.
    1) pagefile.sys should NEVER be manipulated by anything other than the Windows operating system.
    2) Nobody "tracks you for profit" using your paging (swap) file
    3) pagefile.sys (aka the swap file LMGTFY ) is only used as a temporary storage place for the RAM used by inactive process and only when there is a demand for RAM that is higher than the free memory available
    4) pagefile.sys is cleared every time you restart your machine...not sleep, not suspend, not hibernate....Power Off or Reboot ONLY. Any steady on Windows machine should be rebooted at least once per week.

    I am a Windows Systems Adminstrator by trade.

  • Good points Nerisrath, thanks

    Samisu, thanks for the work around for Flash, though to be honest, having to confirm Flash is just a minor issue.

    Let's not get side-tracked from the main point of this thread which is that the lag scheduling trains has increased since the latest updates.

    It seems to get progressively worse as you go through the eras, I've just finished an extremely frustrating era 6 and End Game where I needed to refresh my browser after almost every re-scheduling of the trains.

    This isn't right, we shouldn't have to refresh this often to keep going.

  • I don't know if the latest updates made matters worse or not, but in my experience :

    the more tracks you lay, the worse the lag gets. Up to 150-200 tracks, everything works fine. Starting at 400-500 tracks, the game is very laggy. At 600+ tracks, it gets almost impossible to play. And that's with a gaming computer and very fast internet connection. So maybe for some people it might get difficult to play much more quickly.

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    Likely coming back for clash!

  • You've just reminded me of another issue during that horrendously laggy and crashy End Game.

    This applied to all players, not just those with lots of tracks laid.

    When the caller asked for players to use instant dispatches in a factory, it was impossible to open the factory to set up the instants - the whole thing froze every time. We had to apply them manually, to a single train at a time. :(