Research Points, All or Nothing?

  • Is there no way to put 1 research point into a train upgrade, instead of all of them? I’m about to max out research points and I’d like to put 1 into the Odin as to not waste them, while saving the rest for the next era that is about to start. I can’t do that or can’t figure out how to do that, ;( Thanks!

  • It depends. I’m trying to save research points for the start of the next era (less than a day?) if I am maxed out, then research points are wasted, but in the mean time, I could stick them individually into a lesser train, I might possibly accrue enough to actually get the upgrade for the lesser train, which I will be using initially in the start of the new era. :)

  • if you want to be that economic with your research points you have to plan ahead. I also do it..put 5 or 8 in a 10 point upgrade and not finish them yet. so toward the end of the era you have some small leftover researches to fill and optimize point usage..

    this strategy is a bit like couponers in supermarked.. it takes some effort to ghet the discount but the reward for the effort is being thrifty is the feeling you are not wasting anything..
    If there was functionality to allow you to decide how much to put in. it would just be another task to handle your points wisely.. for me the fun is in planning ahead what to buy when..