Rail Nation from Flash to HTML5

  • Hello everyone,

    The Chrome browser is rolling out an update at the moment, which has an impact on websites that use Flash. Because Rail Nation is a Flash game, as soon as this update is installed on your devices, you will have to confirm the use of Flash every time you want to join one of our game worlds. The browser will no longer remember this setting across multiple sessions.

    Many of you might be aware that Flash will be discontinued and no longer supported by 2020. Rail Nation will be prepared for this, and the game will continue, regardless of Flash, as an HTML5 game. Converting the game from Flash to HTML5 will take some time and, according to current estimates, it will not be finished during this year, but instead in 2019.

    For now, only Chrome has changed the setting so that you have to agree to the use of Flash for every session, but other browsers are going to follow suit in the near future.

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience this causes, and we will continue to work towards full conversion, which will resolve all Flash-related issues. For the time being, the way to avoid having to repeatedly confirm Flash use is to use another browser that has not yet started to ask for these confirmations every session.

    We expect to complete the conversion well ahead of Flash's discontinuation. And therefore, even without Flash, you will be able to continue playing Rail Nation full steam ahead!

    Your Rail Nation Team

  • (User)RN Chrome.zip

    A new way to disable Chrome from asking for Flash permission.

    This solution is only suited for those with good knowledge of windows and registry settings.

    Since Chrome updated to version 71 it is necessary to allow Flash for every Chrome session on every server you play. The previous version had a hidden option to disable these constant confirmations, unfortunately the option has been removed with the newest update.

    The only possibility now is to set up a Group Policy for Chrome to permanently allow Flash on certain websites.

    Group Policies allow you to set up and define user- and access rights in Windows. The Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows come with a special editor, the Home version doesn’t have this editor. But in the end, all the editor really does is to change some Registry entries.

    Attached to this post you will find the (User)RN Chrome.zip file, and inside it a .reg file. After saving .reg file to your PC and executing it, a group policy will be set up to allow Flash in Chrome for all Rail Nation servers.

    This change will be done on the user level, so if more than one user profiles exist on the PC, the change will only affect the currently logged in.

    You can also open the file and look at the code. Just right-click the file, chose “Open with” and select the Notepad.

    Here’s how the code looks like:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    The first line tells the operating system that this is a registry file.

    Line two to four show the path were changes will be made. If the folders don’t exist they will be created.

    Line five and six contain the URLs that will allow the use of Flash in Chrome. By using placeholders all our Live- and PTR servers are covered.

    The function “PluginsAllowedForUrls” which is used in line four only applies to Chrome’s Flash plugin and not to any other addons, plugins or extensions.

    Once the file has been executed, the browser settings in regard to the use of Flash on our servers will be ignored and the administrative settings from the registry will be used. So even if Flash has been deactivated completely in the Chrome browser settings, it will still work for Rail Nation servers.

    We would advise against using this at work, though.