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  • Chairs and Deputies need to scroll through the list to see complete member lists of their associations and manually write lists if they want a hardcopy of their members. A printing option in the association member area would allow them to print a hardcopy to work with.

  • I was thinking kind of the same thing as the comment above :D

    If possible, I would like to hear the steps the chair needs to do now, and a version of how these steps would be better and easier. With images even better to get a clearer picture of the wish ^^

    I know some players like to use excel to plan their strategies and calculate stuff, some like to write by hand. But you would like to see a feature, like a button, that does what exactly? Opens a separate printable sheet with what information and organized how?

    You can always press Print Screen on your keyboard, paste the image to your preferred image processing tool, crop it and save it / print it if all the needed information is shown on the screen. You could try using widgets and open separate windows for all the necessary information and then print screen it if that helps? Not to forget the 4.9.0 update that's next week bringing changes.

    But, if there's more information needed, then why not design a word / excel or other document with categories other players could find useful as well? The data would still need to be written by hand of course.

  • Maybe I can talk of a workaround, that I often make use of. However, as a side job photograper I am used to working with graphic software, and use Thumbs Plus to organize my photos, pictures and cartoons. This is also an application that eaily lets me cut parts of pictures from one to add it into another one. So, for me it is Thumbs Plus, but Paint or other applications should do the same. No need to think of photoshop here ...

    So, for a complete list of something I want to use - like the complete member list of an association, I do screenshots of the parts I can scroll. Then I cut the parts and add them together. At the end I have 1 picture with the list parts lined up from left to right.
    To see the complete list, I no longer scroll through the RN list (also because there is no button to see it completely, only buttons for the next 5) I just look at that composed picture in a separate window.

    Well, it needs some practise with photo software to do this, but for some it might be an idea.

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  • An export to CSV file with a list of corp members, their position, current prestige, if they have a sitter assigned, sitter names, # of trains, # of hours since last login

    Also as an individual player, i would like to be able to export a CSV of all cities i am connected to, city level, city color as a percent (USA [48R/52B] ) , and 4 current RG's

  • list of corp members, their position, current prestige, if they have a sitter assigned, sitter names, # of trains, # of hours since last login

    Samisu - this list that Nerisath wrote is what our team looks for when we are trying to determine the needs of our members. The Corp Members assigned sitters for example would help us to get the members covered when they are not on.