Big problems with version 4.9.0 on mobile

  • Hey

    After update on my mobile - hmm total stuck:

    I can not see my Station - only other station (also something with the pop up picture not filling the screen out as usual)
    I can not move around the map - not possible to move picture at all
    I changed my setting - now i allowed Mentor and Graphic station - hmm new to me, after i changed these two to normal, i can open Station but can not see my buildings, and mentor icon still show up.

    So all in all - i can do absolut nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, Android newest version

  • Do you have Version 1.4.12 on your Smartphone?

    I made this Update about 10 minutes ago and it works.

    It works but it runs like a wheelchair :thumbsup:

    RN erleben bedeutet für mich immer mehr, Loriot auf der Couch sitzen zu sehen mit seinem süffisant angedeuteten Grinsen.

  • version 1.4.12

    Sry works like shit

    and btw i try delete it and new reinstall but same same

    I've had this problem for a while, it's like it takes forever to load messages; more often then not I can't see anything, so I close the message and reopen it, more often then not I can read them once reopened, it is usually more likely that I don't bother with messages if I'm on mobile.

    Currently playing on:

    M1.201 Scandinavia

  • We are very sorry for this, the new app version was supposed to be backwards compatible to the old server version.
    The update on the servers will happen next week, at which point app and server version are fully compatible again.

  • So what U tell me is
    I cannot
    update my station
    i can not get around the map
    I cannot open any RG or City
    I cannot collet trainspotters
    i am forced into mentor program (or ?)
    i cannot open region info
    i cannot change trains
    i cannot read any message

    Pls tell me, why do i need this app ??

    and when will it work again ?

  • Ask "The Mamas & the Papas" :whistling:

    Monday, Monday, so good to me
    Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be
    Oh Monday mornin´, Monday mornin´ couldn´t guarantee
    That Monday evenin´ you would still be here with me.

    RN erleben bedeutet für mich immer mehr, Loriot auf der Couch sitzen zu sehen mit seinem süffisant angedeuteten Grinsen.

  • The next game update (4.9.0) is scheduled for next week, 26th of September. Fix is on the way!

    If the mobile version becomes too hard to play, you can contact game support and ask if they have any tips, or continue the round on another device / laptop / PC /...

    I know how this must be disappointing, and we are sorry for the situation. Thank you for your patience while people work on this.

  • Hey

    I really really hope it is me who is stupid, but we got new update on Big Ben today and i try on my Mobile -
    But it is like before TOTAL dead

    I can do absolut nothing like in nothing

    I tried once more to delete the app and reinstall - not working at all

    I tried it on Branderburger and Scandinavian work very good

    Any solution ???

  • Hi,

    I think it's best you contact support and tell them which phone you have and when the issues started. Also that with Scandinavia and Branderburger you have no issues.

    Hard to say what's the cause, is it related to Android / iOS, the new updates or something else.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will get a fix soon!

    Here's one link to support: News and Help Center - Contact Customer Support (no need to pick the exact game world, just mention it in the message)

  • Not to worry.
    The app is nearly useless.
    Please do not bother posting or contacting support, they are too busy taking money from people rather than making corrections.
    Messages do not show.
    Each click takes 10-20 seconds to register...making most folks click again then ending up who knows where or even selling your engine.
    Plus Account....which you pay for....does not even work. I command 25 trains...usually 18-21 trains actually accept the new command. It will take you 1 or 2 more attempts to get your trains where you want them. Don't even bother with trying competitions. By the time all of your trains have their new assignment, the coiners have won.
    End Game on the app was pointless. Too slow, Mega-City would not show correct goods until you closed and reloaded...much like having to refresh to get the real goods in the game.
    The only function that works...every your ability to send them more money.

    Master Yoda

  • Hey

    I am also about to give up

    answer from support - we can not read forum so pls send again

    Is it a joke or what

    My game as i payed for has not worked on my phone since last phone update, any ETA no no and no
    pls send again - ticket is gone

  • Hi,

    I posted this information yesterday: Chat connection issues

    But if there are still issues with the app version, support is the first place to contact. Ticket comes with extra information on player's account, and public forum threads aren't very helpful in this sense to support.

    You can also write an email to about the issue, which takes you to your customer service representative.

    Then of course my forum message box is always open, and I will help you forward to the best of my ability.

  • Yes, I know how disappointing it is playing with app version that does not respond to your basic requests like setting schedules, sending messages, or even starting the app.

    The last updates made the gaming experience better and bugs have been fixed for many players, but that doesn't change the fact that there are still players with strange, different bugs and issues. For this we sincerely apologize.

    Tech people are working on these bugs, going through all the tickets and doing all they can to release bug fixes. It's not always clear where the bug comes from and where to find it in the game code. To help our tech team and other players facing the same issues, it's important to send a ticket to support. Or even another.

    Bugs can take longer to find and fix if support isn't informed by the players. Support hopes to hear of all bugs and issues, and they are there for you guys even if it asks for an extra effort from your part. Thank you for the help in advance and thank you for your patience!