Blocked areas in the beginning of the game

  • Hi.

    I do not understand why U block incoming players to certain area. They use money as others... maybe U do not want more money?

    If some one want to come certain area, U must allow that, not block even there is not balance between areas.

    U lose players this way.

  • The problem is, most people want to join the winners (or runner-up) of the last round in order to try winning, and that way there is a grouping of more and more people into 2 or 3 regions, while the rest are fully abandonned.

    Would you enjoy a game where 90% of the players were starting in the same region ? Actually, if I want that, I go play classic where I can go wherever I want.

    The issue here is not the game blocking people, it's people that tend to form larger and larger groups to win. I can understand you want to play with some friends, just don't befriend half the server...

    Also, something you might forget : if those parameters were removed, you would have 200-300 people just signing up to the top region for the free win during the last day of era 6, thus causing the city consumptions to sky-rocket. Happy endgame.

  • I understand your point. I just calculated that North has 63, Middle 51, others between 41-49 players... Any reason to block still ?

  • We are now talking joining to server at 1era and there is only les than 500players. And when there is only two regions constantly over booked it limit other regions population also. And part of that proplem is preregistering during EG, most people seeks then that winnig region.

  • Then you can wait for a few more hours, until all regions get to 51-53 people, and then the one with 63 people is gonna open again, for a few lucky people. I believe the limit is something like 12% of the active population of the entire server for one region, before blocking.