All Rail Roads should be used by all players

  • When someone builds a rail road from city to city and or industries to industries and city to industries and industries to city, I believe it should be shared by every player that is on the server.

  • Why ???

    It will take all the fun out of the game, big part of this game is to spend your money right, take the right decision - lay the right tracks, so in my world big - NO thx

  • If it helps with the immersion, you can think of laying tracks as purchasing rights to use those routes and participating in the route costs everyone has to pay.

    Making the correct decisions with routes is part of the game ^^

  • maybe there is another way to share
    the owner of the track gets money when others use tracks and each owner can assign a maximum of 5 people use the tracks
    and its maximum for 3 tracks in a row.

    But there is no chance to get this the programmers of rail nation have work until the beginning of the twentys
    with all those bugs and replace flash

  • I suggested it could be like team work, Everyone pays a percentage to keep up the cost of the keep up on the rail road tracks and make it easier for the new players to figure out the game, It's like your track production keeps the tracks in good condition and higher the level of your buildings leads to better condition the tracks are in.

    Oh and another thing Roads should follow the tracks, Not in place of the rail road