Multiple Engine Servicing

  • Hey

    i got same problem, special on Brandenburger Tor with no + account, and on BB also sometimes, if i do a repair it can take up to 30 sec before it is shown correct ( but will always do in the end) and on BB sometimes when i multi repair i show one or two trains not repaired, but after 30 sec or open a new window all good, but yes pretty confusing.

    Cheers Rype

  • @Samisu
    Very much a well known bug, for many players regardless of browser, or mobile device. Has been happening to me for several version of the game now.

    And I kindly remind you of our past discussions, that a bugs and errors forum thread does us no good if we are only told to "open a support ticket" each time we post in it. Support tickets should be for issues that can be resolved immediately (missing gold, not receiving a station building upgrade but the cash was removed ... etc) or are only affecting an account (login issues, stolen identity, feature support, etc). A more open bug reporting system should be used to communicate issues affecting the entire community that will require a patch or a code change to resolve. Many games use this thing called a 'forum'. They start what is known as a Bugs and Errors 'Thread' and ask the developers to review it on a semi regular basis... like say weekly.

  • Hi :)

    Opening a support ticket is always the first and best way to get help and answers when it comes to bugs and issues.

    If there are bigger issues like 'All servers down' - that's when Forum is a useful source of information.

    An open bug reporting system on forum sounds great, but it does not always separate true bugs from other issues that may have nothing to do with the game. If a player for example has issues with her browser, phone or computer - forum becomes just a poor example of customer support without any way to help the player.

    We have dedicated and caring people working at support, they are there for players and know how to separate bugs from other issues, know where to possibly forward the ticket, can check technical details, ask more questions to resolve the issues and they can also chat one on one about personal account related topics that can't be discussed on public forum. We find this to be the best solution for our players, but some game teams may like other ways better.

    You could compare it to phone services / call centers like: Hello, how may I help you? -> Let me transfer you to our customer support, just a moment please.