End Game - Train schedules not set correctly after new set of 12 goods appears

  • note: I also reported this bug thru game support - error notification but also want to share here...

    BUG: End Game; Trains not set correctly after new set of 12 goods appears (2nd, 3rd set)
    suspected problem: autopark function interferes with player setting trains
    server; Towerbridge (s203), SoE scenario
    OS; Windows 10
    Browser: chrome up to date
    Versie 69.0.3497.100 (Officiële build) (64-bits)

    Problem description:
    When a new set of 12 goods appears, trains are auto parked.
    We are in a competitive region so we immediately reset our trains to a new good. (often within the first 2 minutes of new set appearing)
    - The trains settingscreens function normally and it shows the new suggested schedule, all trains selected and confirmation of new schedules is handled normally on screen.

    But then:
    - there are no parked trains shown in the city but there is also no goods hauled to the city.. trains seem to be in the twilight zone so to speak.
    Only after refresh of the browser
    - you eigther see them parked (occurred 3 times with me)
    - or you see the old schedule of the last good you ran before the set changed (occorred 1 time with me)

    This happens on the first 2 goods called of a new set.
    the good called right after appearance (in the middle of an hour) and with the second good called at first industry recalc. (15 or 30 min after our new sets appeared)

    I heard at least 2 other players in our team about the simular issues.

  • When a new set of 12 goods appears, trains are auto parked.

    That is not a bug. That is RN-standard. The same after finish the passengers. All one way passenger trains are parked.

    RN erleben bedeutet für mich immer mehr, Loriot auf der Couch sitzen zu sehen mit seinem süffisant angedeuteten Grinsen.

  • Regarding trains auto-parking and getting "stuck" against accepting new schedules, what works for me is to manually park them when the set is completed (even if they've already arrived at the city and been parked). The manual parking should break the auto-park mode and allow them to accept a new schedule again.

    I haven't run into the issue of trains becoming invisible, but I do tend to refresh fairly often when goods finish (not just the whole set), so it may have happened without me noticing.