• I agree this is a bad choice, even though the Santa Fe's ALCO PA-1 is probably one of the most recognizable passenger liners from the southwest / mid west ( I would venture to say New Mexico is represented in this picture). But is a passenger liner in a non-passenger scenario. I would like to see something more prominent and relate-able to the USA scenario. a UP Centennial perhaps? ... or how about a Penn Central EMD going around Horsehoe curve?

  • Well, Samisu, you are true, the mood of the picture is great, colors are well chosen, I also like it. It just needs a cowboy riding towards the sun ...

    However I also look at those inconsitencies. This is the cover picture for the US scenario, but it shows a passenger train, which is not, what we will find in the game.
    But my first look stopped at the animals. My thoughts were: Are they cows? How can they be that fat in a desert? And if you ever milked a cow, you know very well: cows don't have such fat back parts. I thought of a big big pig ham, when I looked at it.
    (Well, tell everyone, Klabbauter first looks at the back part of cows).

    See, if it wasn't a desert, but a grassy prairee, I would expect well fed cattle in the picture ... but the picture shows a desert.
    It's just a little bit incorrect ... but even a cover picture should be ok to watch it in all detail.

    It is like one of the cover pictures of SoE. They said, this shows the future of Rail Nation, called Steam over Europe ... but it showed two machines just coming of tunnels (the Alpes) and having to stop immediaty in front of the bumpers in south Italy.
    See, the inconsistency between "Future of RN" and the picture showing the end of the track ... it made me think a lot.

    Creative artists talk, they use their artwork to talk to us. Those two pictures are talking to me too ... but in a funny way.
    So, the RN artists are talking to me too, by way of their artwork. But what they tell me is funny, but not really an invitation to the game.

    Just some thoughts about "Bad Art".

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.

  • Perhaps it's an invite to check the cousin scenarios of USA, nice mood.

    Seems to me, by this comment, you are wanting us to play the other scenarios instead. I've tried them and found them wanting. Back to the original comment. Your artists are not representing the game that well.

  • Quicker?

    Reminds me of Alan.
    Alan of the series "Two and a half men" ... when Alan answers to his son's question: "Dad, what is a quickie?"

    For those who after the bow experience think into a totally wrong direction:
    Alan's explanation: "Quickie!" is a warning call of the swineherds in the American Wild West. They used it, when they cleaned their stuff in the creek, before they went to the local market ... and their pigs ran towards the creek too.
    (Well, a true Alan)

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.