Trainspotter - Changelog 4.8.0

  • Hi Samisu, you can explain this:

    • The logic for generatingtrainspotters has been changed. No trainspotters will be generated who werealready generated as one of the last 9 trainspotters. This will improve thechances of finding a rare trainspotter.

    Because I understand that I can't find the same trainspotter on 10 generated on the map

    Screenshot by Lightshot

  • Hi :)

    Almost missed your comment as it's been published on Italian part of the forum, but a good question for sure!

    Originally, you could spot the same trainspotter multiple times. Game just randomly picked a trainspotter and didn't much care if it was the same face again. This made it hard to collect all trainspotters and win the main prize.

    Then the code was changed.

    Now, if you have 10 trainspotters on the map: A B C D E F G H I and Jay - and you pick 9 of them (all but Jay), the next random trainspotters can include 1 copy of Jay.

    Whenever you make room for new trainspotters, the "random trainspotter generator" creates a completely new wave of trainspotter locations.

    Why is it like this?

    In a way you forgot to pick the payment from Jay the last time wherever he was, but Jay has moved to another location already and you are left with a reminder of where Jay used to be.

    And this also makes it easier to catch them all of course...