How to earn gold via Sponsorpay?

  • Hello all,

    There are many different ways for you to earn Gold when visiting our partners' pages! Most of these offers are free of charge. They include small tasks like surveys, taking part in prize draws or making online purchases that can be completed quickly. After a brief wait, the Gold will appear in your account. These offers are updated regularly, so there will always be new opportunities to earn some Gold. We explain how it works here:

    Earn Gold via SponsorPay

    In the Gold shop, you can click on 'Offers' at the bottom of the screen.

    The 'EARN' button then brings you to the page of our partner 'SponsorPay'

    The overview then shows you all the ways in which you can currently earn Gold. You can find different tabs at the top, allowing you to filter by specific categories. 'Free' only shows offers that don't cost you any money. You can also filter by certain tasks, for example surveys, purchases and 'More'. The different tasks can be completed quickly and, after a brief wait, the Gold will be credited to you.

    Pick up your reward using the video feature.

    In addition, you can get another reward through the video feature you'll find in your train station.

    After watching the full video, which may last no longer than 60 seconds, you'll receive the reward displayed. At this point, you'll sometimes be given the chance to watch another video. For watching this second video through to the end, you may receive lottery tickets, waggon vouchers or research points, for example. Players with a Plus Account always have the option to watch a second video.

    Note: Please make sure to deactivate your browser's AdBlocker so that you're able to watch videos.


    Your Rail Nation team