Fewer Megacities on less crowded servers

  • Hello,

    I would like to suggest a more adaptive EG system. There are a lot of RN servers, some have over 10k players some just a 1000.
    When playing on a less crowded server I notice that it is very easy to get your city into the endgame. This is because there arent just enough players to focus on 10 different cities.
    Therefore with just a low level city you will be able to play the EG without making too much effort.

    It would be very nice if this system would work based on the amount of (active) players in a round. For example if there are 10.000 players there will be 10 cities which will become megacity. If there are just 1000 players maybe change this number to 4 or 5; this way there will be a genuine competition again and we wont have to deal with this "lets not level the city anymore because then we have to work too hard in the EG" nonsens. Because that happens a lot, just now I am playing an EG where we didnt level the city since era 4 anymore… why is this fun?

    So who wants more competition and an exciting round leading towards the EG? I hope this suggestion will be forwarded to Germany so they can think about it ;)

  • I actually proposed the same thing on the french forum.

    I do think that it might make it much more interesting, with a real competition to be part of the endgame.

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  • I understand your point, even though don't share it.

    It would be better if in EG, in each round of 12 RG finish (the 1st city that achieves 12 RGs), discard the two worst Megacities. Thus, at the end of delivering the RG 12, the Megacities 9 and 10 are discarded. With 24 RGs delivered, Megacities 7 and 8 are eliminated, and with 36 RGs, the Megacities 5 and 6 come out. For the last 12 RGs, there would be only 4 megacities and it would be assumed that many ppl would go only to those 4 MC to help.

    Reducing Megacities from before starting the EG does not increase the competition of cities, but even many people would move from the beginning to half of the cities, abandoning the rest, and more and more they would concentrate to be able to haul in some Megacity in the EG.

    I have finished a round in Top 2 of cities and Top 5 of Megacities with 20 active players (24 in the association +5 to 8 sporadic visitors). That is, not many players are required, but above all the decision to start the EG sooner, and dedication. We failed at the end, but for competing against Megacities where 200 players collaborated in the EG.

    But why don't "level the city since era 4 anymore"???

  • Adding:
    Or maybe: in a server with less than 2000 active players, discard 2 by 2 Megacities each 12 RGs finished.
    In server between 2001 to 5000 players, be discard 1 by 1 MC, and in server with more than 5000, not to discard MC.

  • the problem with discarding megacities after each set of goods is that, on average a set is done in 12hours.

    Nobody can manage to connect to a second megacity in 12hours to help them, therefore if your megacity drops from EG, you are done. While if you know from the start that your city won't make it, you have a bit longer to prepare accordingly.

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • Another probelm with discarding megacities after 12 goods, --- sometimes 12 goods are finished before all 10 cities have began, so you are eliminating cities before they have a chance to compete.

    Additional thought - in SoE where there could be many more than 10 cities, this is even more likely to happen.