New Gold packages for a test run

  • Hello railway fans,

    For testing purposes, we'll make some adjustments to the structure of our Gold tariffs on some servers. Our goal is to display the available packages more clearly, while at the same time giving you the flexibility to also purchase small amounts of Gold if you're only in need of a couple of coins.

    To give you a better overview, we've also sorted all available Gold packages in the shop by their amounts.
    You can compare the old and new packages here:

    Edit: We got a lot of valuable feedback from players, and because we just want to test a different pricing structure - 45 Gold package now includes 50 Gold. All the packages now provide equal or more gold than before.

    The test will take place on the following servers. The package comparison above is an example from COM1 server.

    • COM1 (Classic): 2nd November
    • RU2 (Classic): 2nd November
    • DE5 (Classic): 5th November
    • RU8 (Classic): 7th November
    • DE107 (USA, Express): 8th November
    • PL5 (Classic): 12th November

    As mentioned, this will only be a test and will only affect these six servers. Mobile packages are not affected.

    Full steam ahead!

    Your Rail Nation Team