New Gold packages test

  • There needs to be an option somewhere between 0.99 and 7.99, maybe something that provided 200 Gold for 3.99?
    Reasoning - Someone doesn't buy a lot of gold and plays premium by hoping for enough gold from videos and daily lotteries. This player may be willing to miss one day of premium time here or there during regular play, but not during EG, They are out of premium and out of gold 2 days before EG - probably not enough time to earn 150 gold through vids, and wants to buy just enough to get that one week to last through EG.

    Other than that I think the fewer and simpler options are great!.

  • Well.. my two favorite packages will be gone

    265 for 4,99 and
    560 for 9,99

    I do not see much improvement and don't get the statement "at the same time giving you the flexibility to also purchase small amounts"
    This is marketing speak.. there is no actual more flexibility..

    now you have payment options for €2, €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €150 which buys 100, 265, 560, 1200, 3150, 6700 and 10.800 gold
    with the new system you have €1, €8, €25, €50, €100, €200 which buys 45, 450, 1500, 3150, 6700 and 15.500

    removed 3 low amount options and added a very expensive one at the end.
    how is that facilitating purchasing smaller amounts?. I think you defeated the purpose of giving more flexibility and smaller amounts.

    for 45 gold you cant buy much at all and next option is 450.. which is 3 weeks plus..
    instead of choosing between spending €2, €5, €10, or €20 .I now have the choice spending €1 or €8
    I will never spend 1 euro on gold so my options are down to 1 package
    I will normally not spend more than 10 euro at one purchase.. mostly at round start for superstart package
    but during rounds I like to "top up" 2, 3 maybe 4 times at max for 5 euro..

    I can understand you might want to reshuffle numbers a bit to fit more with plus per week prices.. but this is not looking like a change with customers in mind. This looks like an online marketing trick to show high priced options to make the lower packages look like cheap options

    Why not drop the 200 euro option.. who will ever spend that amount at once on a game?
    And have some true smaller amount and flexibility options.

    This would be my preferred options list (prices match your current discounts)

    Gold price















    This looks like a list that would look appealing to me as a customer. 4 options under 10 euro.. and a 25 euro one that could come in handy at new round start or when you had some birthday money (or any other reason to give me some extra to spend)
    That would seduce me much more to buy more often.
    If my options are 8 or 24 there is a good change it will be nothing..It might even cause me to quit a server because without plus or an extra bought ticket hoping for a bonus engine it becomes to much work to do all the schedules every day

  • The graphics have just been updated according to your wishes.

    We got a lot of valuable feedback from players, and because we just want to test a different pricing structure - 45 Gold pack is now 50 Gold pack. All the packages now provide equal or more gold than before.

    Please keep the feedback coming!

  • The graphics have just been updated according to your wishes.

    No they really were not. Two people commented about the lack of options between 0.99 and 7.99. Nobody said anything about 45g vs 50g, or not getting enough gold for the cost. You missed the mark completely here.

  • This 45 Gold pack was discussed on another domain's forum, and this is why the change was made. Players pointed out that people would get less value for the 0.99€ pack versus 1.99€ pack.

    I'm sorry I didn't communicate it here.

    Package(s) between 0.99€ and 7.99€ - this feedback will also find it's way to the right people, but I can't make promises that such changes are made to this test batch.

    This is exactly the kind of feedback we are gathering! Thank you!