Find the Differences this Halloween!

  • Halloween has arrived once more in Rail Nation. A curse befell William and Lucy.

    Can you tell us what is wrong and find the 8 differences?

    Among all correct answers we give away 3 lottery tickets to 15 players!

    To participate, remember to mention the name of your game world (e.g. US101 Golden Gate) in your answer, so we know where to send the prize!

    You can send in your answer until Friday 2.11.2018 13:00 UTC.

    After the contest is over, we will announce the winners.

    Happy hunting!
    Your Rail Nation team

  • Gameworld - COM05 Cylinder Head Express

    1-Skull eye colour on front of engine
    2-face missing on pumpkin being carried
    3-eye colour on skulls on side of engine (handrail)
    4-missing H from ALLOWEEN
    5-Body missing from mouth on top of engine
    6-Missing drivers little finger
    7-Light colour from front of engine funnel
    8-missing moon/face behind trees in background

    Found a 9th - different mouth (or stitches) on one of pumpkins being carried at the back of engine (maybe part of no 2 above though)

  • 1) No H in Halloween pic 2

    2) Body sticking out of steam whistle pic 2

    3) Eyeholes different color on skulls at front of engine

    4) Jack-o-lanterns have different faces

    5) Sky is lighter in pic 2

    6) Eyeballs on side of coal car in pic 2

    7) William has an extra finger in pic 2

    8) Skull in trees pic 2

    (US-103) Broadway (Express)

  • RU201 Золотое Кольцо

    1.Одна тыква стала грустной, на второй тыкве нет вырезов.
    2.В дополнительном вагоне три глаза и пятно.
    3.В надписи нет буквы "Н"
    4.Появились ноги девушки во рту.
    5.За деревьями появилось лицо синего цвета.
    6.Глаза черепов горят белым.
    7.Горит красный фонарь паровоза.
    8.У машиниста появился пятый палец.

    1. One pumpkin became sad, on the second pumpkin there are no cuts.
    2. In the additional carriage there are three eyes and a spot.
    3. The inscription is not the letter "H"
    4. The legs of the girl in the mouth appeared.
    5. Behind the trees appeared a blue face.
    6. The eyes of the skulls burn white.
    7. The red lamp of the locomotive is on.
    8. The driver had the fifth finger.

    Sorry for my English.

  • 1) les visages des citrouilles qui s'effacent du dernier wagon
    2) les yeux des têtes de mort qui apparaissent du coté du premier wagon
    3) le doigt de William qui disparaît
    4) le "H" de "Halloween" qui disparaît (sur la locomotive)
    5) Lucy qui apparaît dans la bouche d'un monstre sur la locomotive
    6) Un fantôme dans les arbres qui apparaît qui a l'air d'être le chercheur
    7) les yeux des têtes de morts à l'avant de la locomotives qui s'allument
    8) la grosse lampe rouge en haut à l'avant de la locomotive qui s'allume

    FR101 Golden Gate

  • 1. Small orange light or flag top right goes from small to larger
    2. 3 eyeballs missing on Coal Car
    3. H missing on Spirit of Halloween Sign
    4. Pinky finger missing on William
    5. Pumpkin facing out, mouth different
    6. Pumpkin in middle lost it's face
    7. Lucy no longer in Smoke Stack
    8. @ lights in skeleton lights on front go from yellow to white

    I am in US102 Grand Central

  • COM101 Rocky Mountains- Fern Lee 60

    1) photo 1 Hand has 3 fingers

    2) photo 2 pumpkin doesn't have cut in it on back carriage

    3) photo 2 sign of train

    4)photo 2 skulls have eyes on second carriage

    5)photo 2 train lights in skull are white

    6)photo 2There is blue and tongue coming out of mouth of boiler head

    7)photo 2Top right gauge is totally orange

    8) photo 2moon between trees


    • diff 1.JPG
    • diff 2.JPG
    • diff 3.JPG
    • diff 4.JPG
    • diff 5.JPG
    • diff 6.JPG
    • diff 7.JPG
    • diff 8.JPG
  • COM05 Cylinder Head

    I found nine:

    1) Marking on the middle pumpkin appears
    2) Marking on the first pumpkin changes direction
    3) Eyes (?) on the side of the casket appear
    4) Marking on side of casket appear
    5) The H in Halloween appears / disappears
    6) Woman's body in the teeth appears
    7) Face in the trees appears
    8 ) Light at the top right gets brighter
    9) Skulls eyes are yellow and then white

  • H missing in Halloween
    Eyes on skulls different colours
    Body in mouth of Chimney
    Pumpkins faces missing on wagon
    Skulls different on tender
    Finger missing on drivers hand
    Blue face in trees
    Red thing in right hand top of the picture