Find the Differences this Halloween!

  • Yellow eyes on 2 skulls front of train, Something in the mouth of smoke stack Eyes in the 3 skulls on side of middle wagon.Front pumpkin has no face game world is Crankshaft

  • US101 Golden Gate

    The differences are:

    1. "H" missing from Halloween
    2. Skulls on coal car have eyeballs
    3. Pumpkin on freight car missing face/smile
    4. Light on smokestack is different
    5. Conductor has 5 fingers
    6. Skulls on front have white (not yellow) eyes/lights
    7. Mouth on steam whistle has a body in it
    8. Spooky face in trees in background

  • Game World: COM202 Loch Ness (Roddy)

    1.Faces on pumpkins
    2. Eyes on skulls on the side of the tender
    3. Little finger on the train driver
    4. Women's legs sticking out of whistle
    5. Face in the trees behind the bell
    6.Main headlight glowing red
    7.Two skull lights on the front glowing white instead of yellow
    8. H is missing from Halloween

  • H d'Halloween
    les doigts du conducteur
    Les yeux des cranes lanternes avant
    Les yeux des cranes du TENDER
    Les yeux sur les citrouilles
    LA lumiere rouge a l'avant du train
    La trompe entre les 2 sifflets devant le cabine
    Le fantome crane dans les sapins derrieres

  • Added finger on William's hand. Lady half in the steam dome. Color of the headlamp changed. Color of the skull eyes changed. Face added in the trees. Eyes added to the skull on the tender. H missing on the Spirit of Halloween. Face missing on a jack-o-lantern on the flat car.

  • COM05 Cylinder Head

    On lower picture:

    1. No H in Halloween
    2. White eyes on skulls
    3. William has 4 fingers
    4. Hat in mouth
    5. Dirty spot on coal car
    6. No smile on one of the pumpkins
    7. Lantern is on
    8. Ghost face in forest.

    Happy Halloween

  • Das H bei Halloween fehlt, bei den Kürbissen fehlen Gesichter, die seitlichen Köpfe leuchten nicht, Totenkopf Leuchten vorne leuchten anders, Frau im Mund, rote Frontleuchte.

    Brandenburger Tor

  • The 8 differences are (in the second picture):

    - the colour of the engine light (in the top right corner) changes to red
    - a ghostly blue human face appears behind the pine trees
    - the body of a woman appears in the chimney teeth
    - the H of Halloween on the train disappears
    - three little red eyes appear on the car of the car
    - the front lights from the skull headlights change to white
    - the grin of the left pumpkin in the last car drops down
    - the smile of the pumpkin right of it disappears

    COM202 LochNess

  • 1. H is missing in alloween
    2. Mouth is full of lady
    3. Pumpkin is missing carved face
    4 .Skull lights are white
    5. 3 eyes on the ghosts of side car
    6. Main headlamp is burning brighter & reder
    7 Blue skull or face in the trees of the back ground
    8.William has 4 fingers instead of 3

    USA Grand Central 102.

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  • I found 9 differences
    1.Top teeth are blue
    2.One pumpkin in cart is not cut
    3.One of williams fingers is missing
    4.Eyes on headlamps are a different color
    5.H on sign is missing
    6.Missing center pieces missing on hand rails
    7.Legs sticking out of chimmy stack
    8.Orange light is brighter in bottom picture/ which might be a mistake on your part...and not a number..
    9.Blue thing in middle of trees.

    docsbabe in and in US102 Grand Central

    ;) Who knows what Tomorrow will bring:?:

  • Differences are:-

    1. Face on a pumpkin at rear of engine Missing.
    2.. Driver has three fingers.
    3. H in Halloween missing
    4. Legs in the mouth missing.
    5. Color of eyball lights are white
    6. 3 skeletons are missing eyeballs
    7. Face amongst the trees is missing.
    8. There is a difference in color of the Main light that is attached to the Funnel.

    Game world I am in is US01 Crankshaft