Find the Differences this Halloween!

  • Missing finger
    H in Halloween
    Color of skull headlights (eyes)
    Eyes? In skulls of coal car
    Woman’s legs in mouth
    Carved face on pumpkin in back car
    Blue ghoul peering through the trees
    Different color and size of large headlight

  • Ilan Tokarev here.

    1. Yellow vs white eyes of the skulls, front of the engine.
    2. Eyes vs No eyes on 3 skulls on the side of the engine.
    3. There is a woman's body inside the mouth on the bottom picture.
    4. Pumpkin smile on the bottom picture is missing.
    5. There is a face behind the trees on the bottom picture.
    6. ALLOWEEN is written on the bottom picture engine.
    7. Red light is ON vs light OFF on the bottom picture.
    8. The driver is missing a finger on the first picture.

    Account name is:
    Ilan Tokarev

  • Red Railer--Com 202 Loch Ness

    1-Skulls eyes are white
    2-No face on pumpkin in last car
    3-Three eyes behind Engine on coal car
    4-Legs in the steam mouth
    5-Red piece (light) in upper right corner
    6-"H" missing from Halloween
    7-Extra finger on Conductor's hand
    8-Moon in the mountain tops

  • Color of the lights in the skull, 3 red lights in the wagon, missing face on ne pumpkin in the wagon, word "HALLOWEEN", woman legs in the mouth, moon in the background, red light in the top right corner, hand of William.

    AnotherPlayer, COM101 Rocky Mountains :evil:

  • My gameworld is S203 Tower Bridge (Express).
    1. The Pumpkinds
    2. The eyes in 3 skulls
    3. The finger of the ghost
    4. The H on Halloween
    5. The light color on front train skull
    6. The color on upper right corner
    7. The legs on the mouth
    8. The shadow behind the trees

  • 1 number of fingers 2 spelling of train name 3 color of skull light eyes 4 mouth on smoke stack/ whistle has changed 5 pumpkin load is different 6 side decorations on tender car is changed 7 Overhead main light is changed 8 addition of smoke in background trees to rear of bell US 101 Golden Gate

  • Bonsoir , je joue dans le monde"FR01 chaudière à vapeur" . Voici ma réponse au jeu des 8 différences dans le fichier joint.
    Apparemment , ce fichier joint ne représente pas l'image en totalité. Il manque les citrouilles dans le wagon à gauche de l'image et la lampe à l'avant du train , en haut à droite de l'image . Tant pis . Merci , Hubert 2

  • head lights diff. color, diff. pumpkins in car, red and white dots on side of coal car, mouth eating a woman, no H on Halloween, blue puff of smoke in trees, diff color lights on top front of train,

  • COM203 Tower Bridge (Express)

    1. Smiling pumpkin in the carriage
    2. Three eyes on the side of the carriage
    3. Five fingers (vs four) of the driver
    4. The eaten lady (by the engine)
    5. Alloween
    6. Hidden ghost behind the pines
    7. Front lower yellow lamps (vs white)
    8. The visible single upper lamp ray (vs lamp without visible ray)

  • The differences are.

    1. H is missing off the name of the train.
    2. Skulls eyes on the front of the train are different colours.
    3. Driver is missing his little finger.
    4. Woman's body hanging out of whistle.
    5. Eyes on the side of the tender.
    6. Face missing from one of the pumpkins.
    7. Skull hiding in trees.
    8. Light on the front of the train.

    Geordie Senior Tower Bridge Com203

  • Hi Happy Halloween:

    Pumpkin faces
    Body in whistle
    colors of head lights
    Williams fingers
    white circles/lights on back skulls
    moon/face between trees
    h missing from Halloween
    color of lantern light at front of train brighter

    Cat C
    cylinder head express

  • 1. Head light - Gets brighter
    2. Skull in pine trees - Disappears
    3. "H" in Halloween - Disappears
    4. Woman's legs - Disappears
    5. Pumpkin carvings - Change
    6. Glowing eyes in skulls on tender - Change
    7. Williams finger - Disappears
    8. Eyes on front skulls - Get brighter
    9. Dark spot between second and third skulls on tender - Disappear

  • Hi ! I am Alastric in Cylinder Head (Express) in Era 1 (day 3/7) ...

    1) On the nameplate - the H of HALLOWEEN is dropped ...
    2) The Skull Headlamps glow white, not yellow ...
    3) The driver gained a finger ...
    4) Three eyeballs are added on the side-rail of the car behind the engine ...
    5) There is a Moon face in the trees ...
    6) There is a person (?) being eaten to the right from the driver's head ...
    7) On the rear car, one of the pumpkins seems to have lost its carving ...
    8) Top right, upper headlight (?) has a beam (?) and the light seems more orange/red ...

    (I hope my phrasing is sufficiently exact as to narrow in accurately on each change)

    I do not know if I am allowed to enter this contest from each of the two game worlds (?) in which I am playing - I use the same ID - Alastric - in each ...

    If I am only allowed one entry per person/player, then please just enter me as from Cylinder Head (Express) ...

    Thank you for holding this contest ...