Find the Differences this Halloween!

  • 1) Missing the H in Halloween on the side of the train
    2) The sculls on the coal wagon have eyes
    3) the orange "flag' on the upper right corner of the image is bigger
    4) One pumpkin on the last wagon does not have a smile...
    5) Driver has five fingers in the second image
    6) there is a little 'flag" next to the engine's mouth in front of the drivers cabin
    7) the sides of the coal wagon are dirtier
    8) the light" eyes" of the sculls in front of the engine are bigger

    player: cabovi
    COM202 Loch Ness

  • COM101 Rocky Mountains
    1. H of Hlloween is missing in the bottom one
    2. the colour of the skull headlights is different.
    3. the skulls in the bottom back-railcar have eyes.
    4. the top William is missing a finger.
    5. in the bottom picture, one of the pumpkins in back is missing a face.
    6.the exhaust pipe has something in his mouth(lucy?) in the bottom picture.
    7. in the top picture, these is a skull between the treetops near the center of the picture.
    8. in the bottom picture, the light in the top right is emitting a red glow, while in the top picture it does not

  • 1. H in the Halloween
    2. Finger of the driver
    3. Color of the front lights
    4. Eyes of the sculls on the side of the tender
    5. Something between the teeth on the dome.
    6. One pumpkin on the wagon is not carved
    7.That orange light in the upper right corner

    Jeboach COM202 Loch Ness

  • the differences are:
    1. Pumpkin in the second cart
    2. Eyes of the skulls on the first cart
    3. Finger of William
    4. Lady in mouth of whistle
    5. H of Haloween is missing
    6 Face between the trees
    7. lamps in skulls on front of the train
    8. Red light on the top right of the picture

    naike - Stoomketel - NL01

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  • GC 102, Triarius

    The lights in the skulls are yellow in the top image and white below.
    H is missing in Halloween
    The pumpkins are different
    The three skulls on the cart have soem sort of white dot with a red center in the bottom image, A 3rd eye? Not sure what that is but it is different.
    The horn/whistel is eating a woman in the top image
    In the trees above and forward of the horn there is a blue face
    The conductor has one less finger in the top image.
    The red light in the top right is brighter in the bottom image

  • 1. Spirit of Halloween / Spirit of Alloween
    2. Lights colour on skulls at front of train
    3. Light colours on headlight (top right of screen)
    4. Ghost in the trees (middle top of screen)
    5. Woman legs in the burner
    6. Eyes on the skull of the caboose
    7. Missing pumpkin face in cargo in image 2.
    8. Driver is missing a finger.

    Com01 Steam Boiler

  • Player name: Bigtycoon game world: US101 Golden Gate

    1. Pumpkin in rear car is different in second picture..
    2. Skulls handles have eyes in second picture.
    3. There is a face/moon in second picture behind trees.
    4. Headlamp beam is different (top right) in second picture.
    5. Letter "H" is missing from "Halloween" in second picture.
    6. Skulls on front of engine have different color eyes in second picture.
    7. Poor Lucy is being eaten by evil steampot whistle in second picture!


    Good Game! :evil::evil::evil: !

  • 1 - The middle pumpkin
    2 - The "decoration" of the wagon
    3 - The driver's little finger
    4 - The "chimney on the left side (with blue color and" tongue ")
    5 - The ghost in the trees
    6 - The word "Halloween", missing the "H"
    7 - The headlights (?) Of the train
    8 - The central lighthouse of the boiler chimney (upper right corner)
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    Nick: Disfarçado
    Server: Big Ben

  • World: English - U.S.

    1. H is missing from Halloween
    2. Pumpkin faces different on last car.
    3. Skeleton eyes are different color.
    4. Item by the mouth of stack in front of engine cockpit.
    5. Eyes on skeletons on car behind the engine
    6. Pinky finger.
    7. Orange light in the upper right corner.
    8. Color change between the first and second skeleton on car behind the engine.

  • 1. The headlight colors are white in the bottom picture instead of yellow
    2. The H is missing on Spirit of Halloween, in the bottom picture
    3. In the bottom picture there's a woman's body in the mouth of the whistle
    4. In the wagon of jack-o-lanters in the back, in the bottom picture one is missing its carvings
    5. In the bottom picture the light is red instead of orange, in that device above the headlights.
    6. In the bottom picture there's a purple ghoul face peeking out from the trees on the far side of the train
    7. The bottom picture has eyeballs in the side of the train car behind the conductor
    8. In the top picture the conductor is missing a finger.

    I'm playing on Loch Ness