COM-1 and US-103 starting on 2nd November

  • Hello haulers! Two servers restarting!

    A new round of Classic scenario COM-1 Steam Boiler starts on 2nd of November, at 12:00 UTC. Please note that this server starts with new Gold packages: New Gold packages for a test run

    A new round of USA Express scenario US-103 Broadway starts on 2nd of November, at 14:00 UTC.

    This time our video tip comes from @Driver2927 - video that shows the Talos passenger train of era 5! The series name was MAT 54 where 54 is the year of introduction of the train type. Mat is short for "materieel" which translated as "equipment" or that comes closest to the meaning. The nickname of the train was "Hondekop" in dutch which translates as "Dogface"

    Welcome to join the round!