Research points take too long to generate and research cost are too high

  • Is their something we are not getting here? Research points take too long to generate and the costs of research points are inflated and never enough research points even when the building is upgraded to the max level.

  • Hi

    is this something that happened after the update to pioneer?

    I've managed to research everything multiple times, but haven't done a "Pioneer round" yet. There the new tech trees may need you to be more strategic in the long run ;-)

  • Hello, I have been doing some reading about the new update this evening and from what I have read, they have made it so that you now have to choose between trains and you can't just have all trains.

    So you have to come up with a strategy that suits the way that you want to play - and use your RPs wisely.


  • @HumanDecoy
    no one promised it would be an easy game :)

    When you are just starting the game you need to be strategic with your choices where to spend your money..
    you cannot unlock all trains each era (anymore) you have to choose a route to research.. leaving some trains unresearched

    - Upgrade the labratory often to get more points each day
    - Only research the required upgrades of a train to unlock the next train. (the thick white arrows)

    I made a topic that shows the possible routes to take researching trains
    RP cost for new research tree - required research

    there you can see what each route costs I put only the required research point in the count for each route.

    With the pioneer update researching full era's is almost impossible.. era 5 and 6 require way more points than a lab 25 generates in 2 weeks..
    but each era is almost impossible now, even with researcher active.
    I think they may have to rebalance the laboratory a bit also or have more RP winning opportunities.

  • On US 101 Golden Gate (pioneer update), Day 1 Era 3, I have every train Era 1 maxed out, every train Era2 maxed out except Panther, partially done. Both Eras coupled, and almost opened up the Odin already. Upgrade lab, watch videos.

    That being said there are no passenger engines on this server, which would add a lot more difficulty to the research tree.

    I also want to add i have premium, but that is the ONLY gold i have spent., no bonus engines, no purchased lotto tickets, no instant build with gold buildings, etc.

  • No passenger trains makes a huge difference Nerisrath..

    researching all trains of era 1 will cost you 291 points
    for Classic and Steam over europe it is 441 points.
    which is a difference of 150 points or over 50% more RP needed

  • I'll try my first active round with the pioneer update in 2 weeks when my gameworld restart, so at that time I'll be able to give my impressions.

    But so far, I've always managed quite easily to complete the first 5 eras (when I say easily, it means finishing era 3 after 7 days or so^^), even though I've found the 6th era to be quite the challenge actually. Especially because it's a part of the game I feel less enclined to watch videos in.

    I'm pretty sure with the pioneer update, the first 3 eras will still be doable (maybe finished at the end of era 4 once all the good trains form that era are done).

    I'd love some balancing on research points though (something like 1 free lottery ticket if you give up the entirety of your RP) , I've felt quite frustrated with my RP being lost for 20 or more days during the game, while finishing 80 RP short from fully developing era 6.^^

  • Yes that is right in the table below you can see how many points you get per day and per era for each level
    Engine house, laboratory are the important buildings to get good trains on the tracks.
    and bank ofcourse to be able to save enough money to pay the upgrades.

    Lab levels and points.PNG

    maybe this guide can help you also a bit to get started..
    Newbie Guides