Indicator or countdown clock in Account lobby for worlds on delete

  • I often play multiple servers over several domains, mostly .com, .de, .nl sometimes .us

    But as it happens sometimes a server does not work out for what ever reason so you set your account on delete.
    The delete process takes 3 days

    At this moment you cannot see which worlds are on delete and if you accedentally open that world the delete is cancelled.. and starts again.
    Especially in the USA scenario all domains have a golden gate server.. so it is easy to make a mistake.

    It would be very usefull if there was some indication in the left side menu that the world is on delete, for example the green "play" icon is changed into a red or orange cross icon
    Also an extra pop up before logging into the world would be usefull something like "This world is on delete, logging in will cancel the delete process" Continue? Yes / Cancel