passenger locomotives, and museums

  • two things that I find quite annoying:
    1: The limitation of purchase of passenger locomotives also takes into account those that you have stored in the museum, this seems very bad. the other day I found myself in a problem in which; I could not sell the locomotives for being at the limit of the account, I could not buy new ones because of the problem I just mentioned and I could not improve a building because I already had one under construction. It was very annoying to have to spend my money on things I did not need, in order to solve the problem of the game.
    2: the game should give you the option to buy a locomotive and send it directly to the museum, many times I want to buy locomotives for this purpose and I had to put the locomotives I was using in the museum, buy the new ones, take them to the museum, reactivate the I had saved and withstand the 10 minutes of activation.

  • Hi Jainco,

    I agree with you partially. I also think there should be an option to have some extra pax trains in the museum. that is a nice wish.. especially now that the extra passenger trains are introduces to the game. it can now make sense to be able to switch between long haul passenger trains and short haul depending on if you are running pax to the landmark or just doing city runs.

    But the part about "spending your money on things you do not need?
    can hardly Imagine that would happen :) there is always a good place to spend your money

    - when your bank is full that would be a good indicator that it needs upgrading.. (or to login more often :P just kidding..)
    - You can never have to much wagons / railcars.. so just buy a few wagons you are short on.. it will come in handy later.
    also there is no limit on the amount of wagons you can buy so.. it can also be a good bank extension (although you do lose 30% of wagon value when selling, but then again a full bank adds 0 income from running trains so it is a trade off..
    wagon piggy banks can be very useful for when you would want to start a building upgrade but are half a million short just before bedtime..
    if you have some extra wagons to sell that you bought to avoid your bank from filling up.. that speeds up your progess

    Making use of the existing features can also be fun and exciting to find out..
    every game would be easy if all was unlimited in resources or possibilities. The limit on passengers trains just forces you to take that into account in your gaming strategies..

  • [adjuntar = 11198, ninguno, 1119] [/ adjuntar]

    how well hidden it is, and poorly translated into my language. Thanks for telling me, I would never have found it.

    forget to mention that this was at the beginning of era 3, because of the small amount of money that is usually at this stage of the game, it is only convenient to spend it on things that have an immediate effect because there are always much more important things (in this case, buy new locomotives), road extensions and purchase of wagons for the final, are made during era 5 and 6 in which the money is left over.