Time for pioneer update requires bigger museum in era 1

  • Now that I have stared a few servers with the new update there is one "short comming" or unwanted side effect from the update that hurts

    All goods trains are much closer together so running straight run to the falcon and just do everything with the falcon is not always the best options.
    in competitive cities Passenger will also be soon needed (within a week or so) and depending on the routes you want to run you need eighter one or the other engine especially in the second half of the era.

    Currently total max allowed trains on the tracks and in the museum is 15. but that is not enough room anymore
    - as soon as passengers come into play you also want 3-5 passenger engines available

    that leaves 10 spots for goods trains. and that is a few spots to little to play the best strategy especially if you want to push 1 good fully

    current limits of museum are based on Engine house level as shown below

    Era 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Trains 7 11 15 19 22 25
    total limit 15 27 39 51 60 75

    so as you can see in era 1 the limit allows for 2 full sets + 1 while in era 6 it allows for 3 full sets of trains..
    I suggest making changing the limits on all era's to 3x the full set.

    so that would make

    Era 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Trains 7 11 15 19 22 25
    total limit 21 33 45 57 66 75

    That will leave players to play around with different combinations of trains in the same way for each era..
    without being limited by somewhat random max for each era.