New Engine Tech Tree - More Multi-slot trains

  • Hey while I like the balancing improvements.. I was wondering if you would consider one more change?

    Namely, I find that in the later eras, I am overwhelmed with too many engines. Not only that, on some devices, I find they play slower than they do in earlier eras.
    So, what I am proposing is that some of the later era engines become multi-slot trains. Not only would this improve performance, and reduce the amount of micromanagement, I think it will give players more variety in terms of how they research their trains. 2 and 3 slot trains don't fit into 25, so this implies variety is needed.

    Here's my suggestions..
    Era 5 Leviathan: 2 slot Traction giant
    Era 6 Phoenix: 3 slot Long-haul
    Era 6 Pegasus: 2 slot Marathoner
    Era 6 Lindworm: 2 slot All-rounder
    Era 6 Hydra: 3 slot Short-haul

    Since all that work has gone into balancing the engines, simply multiply the wagon count by the slot count and everything works basically the same.. minus the lag and excessive micromanagement.

    Anyone else think something like this would make the game more playable in later eras?