Using Gold as sitter

  • Our chair had an accident and cannot be online and i am sitting for him. A few days ago his +account ran out, but he has enough Gold to extend it.

    I fully understand the use of Gold is limited for a sitter, to avoid wasting it, but a sitter is also chosen because he/she is trusted. I don't want full freedom as a sitter of somebody Gold, but buying a +account is what i am asking for.

    1) allow a sitter to extend/buy a +account
    2) limit the extending of the +account, for example: when buying the number of days of the +account cannot exceed 10 days. This means it can only be extended in the last 3 days of the present +account and/or it isn't possible to extend for weeks. The limit of 10 days, can also be 8 or 9 days.

  • when you set someone as your sitter you can choose options wich you allow your sitter to do for you. There can an option added to allow the use of gold and e.g. instant build voucher, licence vouchers etc. Like this you always are free to give your sitter the permission to use your gold or not.

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