Clock, time, recalcs etc

  • I've noticed as the game goes through the eras, the time for recalculation shifts compared to the real time hours. It's also very seldom on the hour as in 1:00, 2:00 etc. One server is at for example :24, another at :04 another at :17 etc. No consistency.
    Another issue is where City consxumptions don't align with industry recalcs... like endgames where they are sometimes 3 minutes apart, which creates consumption issues.

    I feel like my OCD tendencies are going nuts over this and it also makes it hard to plan; for example
    " should I go to the supermarket now and will I make it back before recalc in the endgame"?
    Well who the hell remembers when each gameserver has it's recalc the current week? or after the last maintenance pause?

    So what is the suggestion?
    Have recalcs reset/re-allign at the same time as the +acc get 5% extra cash in the middle of the night, so that recalcs happen every hour, on the hour, on all servers, every day.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!

  • I have always felt that a city consumption 1 min after the industry recalc is actually a real bonus to a city in EG.

    It basically gives you 1 additional minute for the tricky rushs, giving time to the last trains, that collected the good juste before the industry recalc, to get back to town before the city recalc.

    But yeah, setting a recalc to be constant throughout the game might be convenient during the game.

  • You seem to think that the servers go off time a bit daily.
    That is not the case. I am currently on a speed server and it is on day 2 era 4 and the industry recalc has been at :05 on the hour for the whole round.

    But it is annoying that it changes on you when you do not know when or why it happens.. But it is very predictable when it happens.. so that is a good thing. so here it is

    The industry calculations will change each time the server goes into maintenance.
    So after a maintenance session it will be move..
    And I also always announce that in my region or city. takes a day or two to get used too.

    I think the city consumption never changes it is just not spot on on the hour.. I trained my OCD to just accept that as a given :)

  • The timer shifts when the server has gone completely offline, usually due to maintenance/update.

    Most updates are accomplished quickly, without any server downtime, which means they're finished without any affect to the timer. When there's any downtime, however, the clock stops while the server is offline and it picks back up as soon as it comes back online - since downtime doesn't typically happen in hour increments, you wind up with a new recalculation time.