Passenger Trains still OP?

  • I played RN a couple of years ago, but left after a few weeks for a couple of reasons. One of them was that passenger trains seemed to be OP compared to normal goods trains, in terms of earning capacity and Prestige gained. For me, it quickly got boring, just running passenger trains to get to the top rankings.

    I came back to the game a week or so ago, and I'm loving the new tech tree in terms of encouraging diversity of goods trains; now there is no longer a 'best' train for the era, but all trains have a clear role. With the new tech tree update, has a situation become more balanced for passenger trains too?

    I have been extremely lucky to win both a Dragonfly, and a Red Kite (both from getting free lottery tickets by collecting station bonuses of my teammates). One thing I notice is that the Dragonfly can earn 2-3 times what the Red Kite can earn, and I'm hoping that this is not replicated across all trains in the game?

  • The profits of passenger trains were reduced. Especially the ones for really long routes. IIRC the profits for short routes to the neighbouring city were raised a bit.

    Did your city just leveled to 5? In the first days when only few passenger trains run you can make good profit but when more and more trains run it becames balanced.

  • Well I'm connected to 3 cities, all level 5 now. My dragonfly is earning around 40k/hour, at one stage it was over 60k. It's a massive boost this early in the game.

    I would say it's pretty low actually. My carrier engine is earning something like 100k/h the first few hours of the game.

    But yeah, as explained, as long as nobody is doing the same route as you do, with passengers, then you earn a lot of money. But usually, the WT sky-rockets to 3min+ on each city, and all your passenger engines quickly become garbage.

    I'm not really used to classic anymore, but on SoE, passenger trains were garbage for the past year. And I hope this update gives them a bit more flexibility, so that they are more than just the required good nobody wants to carry, similar to the cotton-line.

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  • If you don't like PAX in the game, give the USA scenario a shot.

    This is viable advice.

    When I came back about 10 months ago i had not played since the first opening of the game and PAX was new. They seemed OP until I gave them a closer look.
    Now my thoughts on them is that after using more than a few trainslots for them it becomes a sacrifice of PP for $, and in order to maintain that $, the schedule has to be changed as often as every recalc, especially if copying the same schedule to many PAX trains.

    So I prefer having as many cargo trains as possible nowadays, but always at least 1 PAX-trains. This is not "pro advice" or very compehensive but it's enough for a player looking around top 100~

    in era 1 everything fluctuates a lot comparatively, and that dragonfly that is a rockstar the day the cities just become lvl 5 is soon a mediocre earner again, I think this part of the game has been decently balanced.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!