Transfering gold between servers of different languages

  • Hi

    I'd suggest it should become possible to transfer gold from for example german speaking servers to international servers.
    I don't see how this kind of change in the rules could be abused.
    But I'm also interested in seeing RNs reason why it's not possible now


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  • Totally agree, make no sense U can't transfer gold between U own game world, but only between predefined world - pls explain RN !!!.

    In EU we got free work between counties but in this game we got no free rules WHY ??

  • My guess is, it's not possible because of the different taxes in contries, where they sell gold. If they sell gold to a German, for example, they have to pay the German "Umsatzsteuer" (sales taxes), which is different from the taxes in different countries.
    So if we could transfer freely, we would by in a country with lowest taxes and transfer it to the servers of countries with high taxes.

    I know from Second Life - for example - the company resides in Los Angeles. As a German I can buy virtual currency, sure, but I have to pay them 19% sales taxes, which they transfer to German financial authorities (same for the other European countries).
    So, as I paid the sales taxes (which makes it 19% more expensive for me than for Americans), ingame I can transfer my virtual currency to any other user worldwide, and also receive it from others.
    Interesting: as after the purchace any virtual currency has no value at all (accorting to laws), once I got it and paid the taxes valid in my country, I can transfer it to others.

    This last point might make transfer between RN servers of all countries possible ... if ... yeah, if RN would make agreements with all financial authorities in countries in which they sell gold. I can't imagine that they will take over that lot of bureaucracy ...

    Well, those are my thoughts. Curious, what RN will say. Maybe I am totally wrong ...

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  • Well since it's a german game, with germany being in the EU my guess would be that at least the scandinavian servers, germans servers, international servers, Italian servers etc are all in the EU, so then the tax thing shouldn't be a problem.

    Also if in game transfers of things constituted a problem, then an advantage gained on the career engine in one countrys server which can then be exploited on servers in other countries would make a problem too wouldn't it?

    I mean sure, the career engine is just pixels, bot so is in-game gold

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  • Thank you @Klabbauter - for mentioning: taxes do play a part in this, bureaucracy, local laws and...

    ...different income levels and payment methods, service providers etc.

    Think about tourism. Let's say you are from a country where a bag of gummy bears cost 2,40€. You take a flight to where the same bag of gummies costs 80 cents. To locals, the gummies at 0,80€ are just as expensive as to you in your home country.

    If it was possible to avoid all taxes, bureaucracy, local laws, income levels and payment methods with a single tap of a button - wouldn't you always get the 80c bags and skip all 2,40€ bags? I mean if that instantly gave you the same product?

    ^ my 5 cents :D

  • @Samisu

    I understand where you are coming from, but it still doesn't make any sense. - Edited incorrect statement removed.

    If the idea is truly to balance cost with the average income of the country of origin (below) , then why not base the sales engine on the purchasers IP origination country, so Americans Pay US dollars even if they play on a DE server, and Brits will always pay Pounds, Germans in Deutsche Marks, etc. Then the taxes would also be paid to the country of the purchaser, which is probably more legit legally speaking anyhow. This will also allow us to fairly transfer our gold to any server we like - as long as we continue to not be allowed to send gold to other players.

    Thank you @Klabbauter - for mentioning: taxes do play a part in this, bureaucracy, local laws and...

    ...different income levels and payment methods, service providers etc.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • IPs are all over the place nowadays, we have proxys, WPNs, clouds and so on.

    Different payment methods and transaction costs, local regulations and price groups for different countries. These are things I would add to the list.

    Different income levels, as you quoted, I would remove from the list completely - I rather meant it as relative to gold price (thanks for noticing!)

  • Thanks Samisu! All fair statements.

    I would like to suggest that IP's are issued in blocks to different global regions, and yes you can create a VPN tunnel through a proxy to appear to come from another country, or create a cloud based VM in a different area of the world...but for the most part that is not all that beneficial to this kind of purchase and is usually used to hide download traffic, illegal activity, or access sites restricted by your countries laws. (Yay for free and open internet). It is also much less common for mobile users to do this, many think (incorrectly) it wouldn't matter if they turned WiFi off!. In most cases purchasing gold that way would require an additional foreign exchange fee .. Example (in my suggested scenario) if being from USA I masked my IP as coming from the EU, I would most likely be paying in pounds, but my sources of payment, paypal, credit card etc, would all still charge a foreign exchange fee making the cost rise.

    I am not saying my way is better , easier, or even right - but might be one method to open up an avenue to allow gold transfers between servers. I also don't know all the financial laws surrounding international business, but we can still hope for an improvement =)

  • May I add another thought:
    I read about a new internet law, the Europeans are about to decide about (or have already done) to disallow geolocation for internet services and internet sales. With some restrictions, it will make sure that all services must be offered in the same way to anybody. So, if you offer a service to in Greece, it must be available in Russia, the UK and Germany too.
    It starts with - for example - me (a German) to buy gold for RN on "German servers", even when I am on vacation in Italy or the Carribbean. But it will also give comparable access to services to residents of different countries ... I think, it will change internet payment a lot.

    I will investigate to find more information about it, at the moment I am not even sure, if it is planned for this year or the next. But the idea is, that internet companies must make their services available, no matter where they just are in the world.

    Maybe, this (planned) law will cause rethinking ... so maybe, we will remember this thread in some weeks or months and discuss the idea on a new basis.

    Beliebt sein ist eigentlich ganz einfach:

    Man muss nur immer sagen, was die anderen hören wollen.

    Leider liegt mir das so überhaupt nicht.

  • This doesn't make any sense, 100 gold on a german server costs the same as 100 gold on an international server or a scandinavian server. So if the gummy bear costs 2,40€ here and 2,40 € there, same price, why would you not be able to bring the gummy bear when you move across?

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