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  • Dear players, we need your opinion on the split laboratory!

    You might have asked yourself what happened to your ideas for new features that we recently collected. Your favourite feature at the time was the split laboratory.

    A little reminder: the idea was about being able to decide whether to speed up research and increase the frequency of research point production, or to increase the maximum storage limit for research points. Both options, depending on play-style, have their pros and cons, and the option to choose either allows you to match your train station with your personal style of play.

    Option A: The two-button solution
    Here, it would be an option to have two visual buildings in the game, but only one large clickable area that leads you to the laboratory and lets you decide what to upgrade there.

    Option B: The two-building solution
    Alternatively, both buildings could have their own clickable areas, each leading to a separate menu. This would change the mechanics of the feature slightly, as two separate buildings would also mean that they could both be upgraded simultaneously if a player wishes to do that.

    Let us know which option you prefer... and why, too!

    We're happy to develop this feature together with you and are looking forward to the final result. Of course, we'll keep you updated about the ongoing development of this feature and hope all of us will soon be able to experience this feature first-hand in our train stations!

    Full steam ahead!
    Your Rail Nation Team

  • Option B as it is more consistent with the existing game. Option A provide a kind of exception. However if you plan to have similar features to other buildings (bonuses either higher or more often?) then option A is better. I hope you will adjust prices accordingly. and that the iphone app will not crash even more often with this new feature.

  • I prefer option A, as this is more in line with what a laboratory does, choose what you want to develop.
    I also think that this would give less advantage to the gold players as they can upgrade just one building instead of two (in terms of instant buildings etc)

    However, in the screenshots it looks like there are 60 or 50 possible levels, this should ofc be balanced out with the rest of the buildings, the lab is already epensive. With it being cheaper it might be very interesting to build for example speed to a high level and when you dont have a lot of money to spend choose a lowlevel capacity upgrade. Again option A seems best in achieving this.

    Great feature!!

  • If we are to build both "halves" then the price should be half of the old way. Anything else is slowing down research. Whish causes the need for more gold use to keep up. If that is true then we know what Travian games really wants.

  • I do prefer option A. Clearer, forces the choice for 1 upgrade over the other at all times instead of just doing both at the same time with Plus account, which is a bit like the new engines, all about choices. ;)

    I'm not sure how I feel regarding the balancing (half the price for both, or 70% price for faster RP, 30% for storage, or smth else), I'll let you guys come up with that one ! :)

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • Before I say my opinion.
    Please specify:.

    In Option A:
    1) Can both parts of the laboratory be built at the same time?
    2) If you are using the Plus Account: Can you build a bank with both parts of the laboratory at the same time?

  • If the two building idea is used, I don't think the name "computer center" works very well. I don't know the year, but I do know that the first computers came way after the first trains. I am guessing at least 100 years later. Perhaps the community can brainstorm on building names, if that route is taken.

  • Option B provides the most consistent gameplay with your station design... and the station is needing some additional features anyway - as things like career engine have impacted cash flow in fairly significant ways over the past year.

    Love your work in creating new and interesting ideas.

  • I prefer Option B

    The reason is, that you have more options to choose from. You can level both speed and storage in the same time, or you can level just one and then something else if you wish. But if it is one building you are forced to choose between speed and storage.
    And also it has more consitency with the buildings already existing.

  • Before I say my opinion.
    Please specify:.

    In Option A:
    1) Can both parts of the laboratory be built at the same time?
    2) If you are using the Plus Account: Can you build a bank with both parts of the laboratory at the same time?

    No. Read the article again. That's the whole point of this discussion. In Option A you can only upgrade one of the two, because it is one building and you can't upgrade a building two times at the same time.
    It is only possible to upgrade both speed and storage in Option B and only if you have Plus Account.

  • Therefore ....

    Option A does not give any benefits. It's even worse. Because until now we could build the two at the same time.
    Option B is better because you can build both parts at the same time.

    Definitely Option B!!!

    But I think we need a better idea.

  • I suggest option A to add the opportunity to build both parts at the same time.
    For the total amount of money and the total time. But at the same time.

    In order to be built together or separately.
    This is the best option for me.

  • Option B: The two-building solution.

    Option A complicates the infterface, and with 2 "seperate but still the same" level-ups it will be even more confusing to players.
    Option B merely adds another "bank" for the research points (nearby the Bank that holds the money). And it enables the upgrading of both at the same time.

    I don't really see the appeal of the "seperate lab speed/max" and I'm amazed it was the #1 suggestion for RN addon, but let's go with it...