Renting and Selling Track

  • I would like to be able to either rent track from someone for a specific time period or rent my track to others for a time period.

    Renting is straight forward. You pay someone for lengths of track for a specific time period. If selling track you could sell it back to RN for less than you paid for it or find someone else to sell it to for a price you both agree on. Maybe have page where we post our tracks for sale and people bid on them? That way people could get track for less than the going rate.

  • Personally I have always liked the idea of a "demolish track" feature, with a few caveats.
    1 - a very long timer (1 hour?)
    2 - returns 25% of the cost of your next track build. - gotta pay those track workers
    3 - cant remove any tracks touching a city - avoid the complexity of "city connection" coding and achievement reversal etc.
    4- can only demolish a track that is open on one end, not 'in the middle tracks'

    renting or selling to others adds to much of another aspect of the game in my opinion, but I like where you were heading with it.

  • Hi :)

    I forwarded this wish and I think it sounds interesting.

    Part of what I like about the game is counting money and available tracks for future facilities.

    To be able to remove a track so you could build another one would change this basic game feature. Also, how to keep it all tied to the base game features and not add another layer of renting business on top of it...

    Could one track be 'abandoned' if you build a new track, and then you'd have to pay a maintenance fee if you ever wanted that track back? Old track that leads to coal mine becomes abandoned when you you need to get copper. Could this be once per era feature or would it break the game balance still?

    Interesting idea, but how to make sure it still feels like you have tough decisions to make with the tracks?

  • I already made this proposal in french. But to avoid multiaccounts, the passage fee should not be given to anyone but simply lost. Otherwise, you make an account for building tracks and other ones to pay you back the cost of the tracks