Ability to lock an train in to hauling a route without it changing when you "select all"

  • It would be a blessing to be able to lock in trains to specific routes that you want them to run indefinitly without them being changed when you hit "select all" when changing all your other engines.

    Such as setting your bonus engines on a good and locking them in so that they are not affected when you change all the rest of your engines. I cant tell you how many times I've changed routes only to find out later that my kite got in the mix and its trying to go across country to the new destination at an agonizing slow rate. By the time you get to Lindworms, changing trains is a nightmare.

  • I would also like to select trains based off production series. Right now you can select all of one type of train, say a Dion by double clicking it in the PC version. I think it should be all trains of that type with that production series. It would add more than aesthetic value to production series, and further aide in route adjustments.

  • Thanks for these cool ideas!

    One button to 'lock' a train to it's track and then you can pick all the other engines and set another schedule. That sounds pretty useful, and the idea has been forwarded ^^

    More than just aesthetic value from production series, what a nice topic! I have a faint memory that something like this was discussed earlier, but perhaps it was just about the performance of each engine. +5% acceleration vs +5% durability for example. This would've made certain production series fan favorites, but not because of how they look - and so this discussion came to its end.

    But to turn production series into batches of engines you can plan schedules for, that's an interesting thought. Perhaps not suitable for those who run all different series simultaneously for their aesthetic value. But then again isn't it possible to create and save schedules for engines already?

  • It is possible to save schedule sets already, but lets say I have a schedule set for LVL 20 RGs, and I am running all Dionsys spread across all of the 4 RG's. My city levels to 21 and one of the RG's drops out. If i had been using 4 different Prod series as a plus member I could then change the schedule on one on trains from the fallen RG to the new one, and much like now you can double click a Dion to select all Dion's I would do the same, but instead of selecting all Dion's, it would select all Dion's with a matching prod series. BOOM only the 4 or 5 trains I want to change are auto selected, new schedule set for LVL 21 saved, and I move on.

    Any how not a major feature enhancement as you are right, there are other ways of doing this. And the proposed lock button from the OP could even facilitate this same thing...unlock only those you want to change.

    I think either one would be a great improvement to the interface. - hope one of them makes it to the future improvement list.