Changelog for Update 4.10.0

  • Dear players, a new update is coming!


    Sitter mode reworked

    • It is only possible to sit for an account for a maximum of 30 days (15 days on express servers) in total.
    • Options have been added to allow sitters to use vouchers and Gold (each function can be set separately).
    • A day means, beginning after the daily calculation at 00:00 (UTC) until the next day at 00:00 (UTC). In this time the sitter can do his sitting more than once and it counts as one day. After 00:00 (UTC) of the next day the next day begins and is only counted if the sitter does sitting further.

    Accessibility improvements

    • A new option has been added to increase both the UI and the font size.
    • The online status icons have been improved so that they are more easily visible for people with colour blindness.

    Performance improvements

    • An automatic FPS check has been added to the login process for new rounds. If the FPS is too low, graphical settings will be suggested to increase performance.
    • Setting manual schedules will not take as much time as before.
    • When zooming out while setting a manual schedule, only 50 goods icons will be displayed.
    • While setting a manual schedule, the goods icons will not be displayed at all when on the last two zoom levels.
    • Server requests have been optimised between the client and server. This should be especially noticeable for players with a poor Internet connection. The amount of transmitted data is also reduced.

    Usability improvements

    • A progress bar has been added to each era in the research tree.
    • The worker auction system messages have been completely overhauled. The messages will now show who bid what amount and, in the case of a loss, will also display the amount of money the worker was won for.
    • Tool-tips no longer trigger when the mouse is moving.

    Also, winter is coming!

  • Bug fixes:

    • RN2018-4973 Association: The third worker slot is now working correctly again.
    • RN2018-987 Licence: The screen refreshes instantly now when new information becomes available.
    • RN2018-3483 USA: Future industries are no longer displayed above trees.
    • RN2018-3640 Train list: The code has been adjusted to ensure that tool-tips are created to the right of scrollable areas to avoid overlapping with scroll bars.
    • RN2018-3676 Translation: TR: The translation for medal 84 has been improved.
    • RN2018-4349 Station: The collectable bonus should now always display correctly while on the station screen.
    • RN2018-4541 Options: Several text lines have been fixed, which were covered by the scroll bar.
    • RN2018-4593 Translation: NL: The description text for Venus in the train buy screen is now fully in Dutch.
    • RN2018-4594 The industry level-up notification no longer triggers twice.
    • RN2018-4602 Chat: The text position has been adjusted for private chat filter options.
    • RN2018-4685 The Japanese font size has been adjusted for larger account balances.
    • RN2018-4691 Translation: The Hydra train name has been shortened in some languages so it no longer overlaps with any buttons.
    • RN2018-4701 Translation: RU: Timestamps have been removed from the Dionysus description.
    • RN2018-4707 Train widget: A cut-off text has been fixed for reliability.
    • RN2018-4826 Sitter: Changing a schedule is no longer possible if the rights are not assigned.
    • RN2018-4854 Options: The information text about Gold transfer and how to use it has been revised.
    • RN2018-4861 Highlighted production series now use the same button shape.
    • RN2018-4879 Station building names are displayed in Greek again.
    • RN2018-4961 Train: The reliability base value for the Hypnos engine (era 4) has changed from 60% to 20%.
    • RN2018-4964 Sitter: The timer and buttons reset correctly now if the account owner comes online.
    • RN2018-4981 SOE: Options: It's now possible to only display the names of landmarks.
    • RN2018-4990 The career level graphic has been adjusted for lower resolutions.
    • RN2018-4993 USA: The arrows have been corrected in the research tree for era 2.
    • RN2018-4998 Chat: The default size of the chat has changed to improve usability.
    • RN2018-4999 Quest: The text 'Next chapter' has changed to 'Later'.
    • RN2018-5066 The newspaper is now also visible for newly created avatars.
    • RN2018-5068 Lobby: The super starter package is no longer shown as purchasable after the server has restarted.
    • RN2018-5077 Loading screen: The 'Play now' button will only appear if the loading process has finished.
    • RN2018-5083 New round: The code has been adjusted to ensure that the loading background stays visible, while city selection and avatar creation are displayed.
    • RN2018-5084 Opening the ranking for the profile of another player now works again.
    • RN2018-5085 An issue has been fixed that could prevent the city screen from not closing correctly.
    • RN2018-5091 SOE: The 'Active players' button has been added to the landmark widescreen.
    • RN2018-5178 Trains will no longer appear in the wrong locations after the idle screen is removed.


    • RN2018-4819 Buy engine: The size of the hint boxes has been increased to fit all of the text.
    • RN2018-5007 SOE: The region overview screen opens correctly now.
    • RN2018-5063 Sitter: It's now possible to sit for instant accounts without activating the accounts first.