• Same and it's freezing more often now, doesn't matter whether I use the laptop or PC, it freezes regularly and I need to refresh. I clear my cache and cookies every day at least once and have tried other browsers which are equally unstable. Each update the game gets less stable.

    Particular weak spots are scheduling trains as that's often when it freezes. The other trigger seems to be when the notifications pop up, I've turned most of them off but it didn't really help though.

    We're only in era 4 and I'm already dreading how much worse it's going to get before the End Game, when I'll need to refresh and clear cache for every call.

    Sometimes people go quiet on issues because they don't feel they're getting anywhere, that's my main concern about this one...

  • Thank you for sharing your experience here.

    If cache & cookies has little effect and it's the same in different browsers(?) Then it is even more important that all these cases are reported to game support.

    They have more experience with these issues, they have tips that might help and support will also be in contact with tech team to have bugs fixed.

    Please contact support, they are waiting to hear from you.

  • Hello, My Friends.:)

    Over at Smoke Chamber is the same thing...mainly on vídeos and it´s pretty anoying cause everyone loves to watch a few vídeos, right? :)

    Videos just don´t play….appears the "thinking wheel" then starts to slow down until it freezes completly in about a few seconds.

    Cache cleaning and all other tricks applied and nothing works except closing down the browser and re-start the all deal..

    Tickets to Support don´t work …. I write them ( ok there ) click the send bottom ( again ok ) but then ther is no log on the "sending ticket" it seems like it never existed.

    I kinow it´s a lot on you Samisu, ( with the updates and all ) but can you just show me the light, please ? :)

    Thank you.)

  • Update on last post:

    Scratch the ticket issue … it seems to be back on track.

    Already contacted Support about the vídeos problema and at least the sended ticket is there. :) ( fingers crossed on that )


  • Update on the last update post: :)

    Videos are cashing in and all is honkey-donkey.:)

    I figured it out what was the problem:

    - A ME update that needed a restart...go figure, right? :)

    Thanks anyway and sorry for all the trouble.