The winter event is coming!

  • @Driver2927 - YES, everything you said i second it!

    Also IMO the easiest way to keep the events exactly as this one is and not have to rework the coin system....put in a "bank"... you can only hold say 2500 or 5000 event coins. This will prevent the massive market manipulation and exponential coin growth.

    Another way is limiting the amount of items you can buy per hour

  • Really pleased to see such a positive response from the dev team. I've been avoiding playing the event for several days, because having 200,000 coins just felt unfair, and it felt like an exploit - and I didn't want to find myself banned!

    I will have another go, and see what changes you made.

    On the whole, I would have preferred to not have found this method of earning massive amounts of coins. I was really enjoying the event up until the point where it seemed like an exploit.

    With a little tweaking, this event could be rerun in future, and is great fun. I would love to see more in game events like this.

  • Don't worry, you have no reason to feel guilty about this. It was not an exploit and whatever you achieved in this event, you earned it. Sure, we did not intend this kind of absurd profits to be made, but we did intend the method that was used for it, so it's absolutely okay that you used it.

    While we do not have any specific plans right now, we would also very much like to repeat meta events like this one...of course with less extreme results ;)

    Kind regards,

    Salix (Community Communications Manager)

  • +1 to driver's comments.

    To add on Nerisrath's proposition, that or a limit on the amount of goods you can buy every hour, or something.

    And yeah, not sure of the relevance of the PTR server, I'm happy to test some things, but I never go to that PTR server because I don't have time to play an entire server for nothing, and I don't like playing for just 3 days and then quitting. So I do my testing on a regular server. But if I came up with a rough idea of how to gain coins exponentially in 10 min by reading the description of the event and 15min of doing it when it came online, I'm sure quite many people understood how to maximise gains way earlier (it can be seen easily by checking that most servers have the same range of rankings).

    So basically, if the most involved players are not on the PTR, it's difficult for you guys to get adequate feedback as well I'm sure.

    For the adjustements, they had to be made, but I would probably have balanced them a bit differently (like, allowing everybody 20-30 tickets with the normal gains, and then removing the gold part for example). But yeah, something had to be done. Otherwise, people would have reached 100k gold + easily, and the game would have been broken for 2 years minimum, at least competitively.

    I personnally liked clash, but prefer the in-game game ! And would love to see new events like this winter market. Maybe an event that forces you to cooperate with "opponents", because people tend to stick with each other game after game, and it could be fun to have a 1-week event where you have to help each other with people you always had in an opposing city ;)

    EDIT : not sure the patch was enough though. I've used 1/3 of my coins I guess, (95'000 left), and I have that :

    I guess, at least, it only affects the current server... And I should have all the bonus engines for once. :D

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

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  • Although I totally understand the adjustments being made, I feel like it being changing the rules while the game is being played.. Also not sure if they had the desired effect: I currently have about 100k gold, without even touching the 3k+ lottery tickets, and we still have a few hours...
    Furthermore I got to the point that even if I go through the boards 100%, I still earn more coins per hour than I possibly can spent, so I have practically infinite coins

  • Winter event adjustments

    What do you think of the winter event adjustments?

    Also, should there be more events in the game like this or do you like the minigames in the Lobby like Clash! or throwing snowballs?

    I think making the event ingame was a huge step up.
    Clash didn't feel very connected to the game, this does.

    I think the adjustments are fair considering they were made after release, good job on that imo.

    One critique i have for a thing like this is that you should think about minimizing the amount of thing that pup up.
    Right now for example if I'm sitting on 100k coins and try to spend them it takes hours and hours because of all the pops ups of getting like 1 glove back or 1 diamond. Meanwhile I'm arbitrarily buying thousands of gloves at a time for coins, which means the "huge announcement" of getting 1 glove back si pretty "meh" and just consumes a lot of time...

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!

  • Will there be any RN wide stats about the winter event? Like how many players participated, how much career has been distributed, who got the most diamonds etc.

    >> Winter Event Review <<

    This forum post is all the info / statistics we have ^^

    'As you can see, there was a small minority of players who managed to amass incredible amounts of Diamonds. We are talking about tens of thousands of Diamonds here, while the global median was around 50.'