Bugs on Titles

  • Bug appeared on the TR-1 Buhar Kazanı server today on Titles. This happens first time, I haven't seen any bug like this before but I will try to explain as best as I can.

    Today at 00:00 like everytime server reset titles, but this time server gives wrong titles or give no title for some people. For example I was 2nd on Meat and 3rd on Cattle, I haven't transport any Cotton yesterday but I get Cotton Rank 2 title. I thought it was a display mistake and I cleaned my cookies, refresh my game etc but it doesn't change anything.

    Here is images that explain the problem better:

    Meat Title Screen:

    You can see the image 1, Glazier is first of the Meat but get Leather Title, Mr Reese who is third get no title. Also you can see my nickname is 2nd on meat.

    Cattle Title Screen:

    Cotton Title Screen:

    As you can see my nickname isn't here. Because as I said before I haven't transport any cotton yesterday. But there is 3 people transported it, 1st and 3rd haven't got any title, but 2nd has Rank 3 Cotton title.